22 December 2011

Happy Chanukah

Sweet potato latkes. Even gonna try to make sufganiyot. Very ambitious intents this morning. Coming up on the 3rd night of Channukah. Having a little family party. Wish me luck!

HAPPY HOLY DAYS EVERY ONE! Whatever you hold sacred this time of year may your heart's soul be filled with healing light.

21 December 2011

Ki - the energy of Life

Ki is the Japanese term for Life energy.

There are seven energies on the physical plane with ReiKi being the highest of the seven energies which in turn connects with divine energy otherwise known as ShinKi.

Kekki - the KI of blood - provides fundamental strength. It is the most powerful and most basic of the seven energies, and the least structured.*(*Reiki: the true story by Don Beckett)
It is a known fact that the strength of a person's blood is what gives them the foundation to approach their life with a certain amount of vigor and consistency. If the blood is poor the person can suffer from fatigue and all sorts of ailments such as iron anemia. If there is not enough oxygen in the blood or not enough red blood cell production the foundation of a person's energy is affected.

Good strong Kekki , the ki of blood is very important. Kekki is indeed the essence of who we are physically speaking.

Keep your kekki strong and flowing.

19 December 2011

Dharma Mandala

In last night's Lay Ministers class are assignment was to create a mandala that included our favorite sayings and capping/code phrases from previous classes.

I decided to use anything that came to me. So I started with the space in the center which represented my pure soul of being. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche refers to it as the wisdom body of all the buddhas.

From there I led outward in the lotus with the Eightfold path. Straight from there are four sayings of Rev. Koyo sensei and my dear mother that have helped me on my journey. Be thankful. Let go. Keep going. In oneness.

Intermingled throughout those four I placed the Bodhisattvas  vowa. I dreamt a writing out the full dharma vows from my TiSarana ceremony but the paper was too small or I was too lazy so it was Boddhisattvas vows instead as for me the represent the entire vow.

Outward from there I remind myself to say Y.E.S to (your) everyday spirituality. And spirituality is everyday because as Rev. Gyomay Kubose sensei said "The teachings are everywhere, all around us if only we open the mind's eye to see...."

I really enjoyed the assignment and look forward to creating more word mandalas.

Other's in class also presented some really nice mandalas as well.

I have attached mine.


Grace and peace in oneness...

17 December 2011


Feeling especially grateful thankful for the path my life has taken.

Through the joy and the pain I see it as all good....as in ok...ok-ness as my Sensei says.

All that I have walked through, ran through and cried through makes me Me.

And I do love ME (and it aint all pretty).

Here is to wishing YOU a beautiful end of the year holy days celebration. Love You. Good day.

16 December 2011

Dharma insights in Ti Sarana

Recently I had my Ti Sarana ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony in which I formalized my commitment to the path of Dharma.

It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony in which I took Vows on the Dharma path. I look at the vows I accepted such as: to be truthful, to honor, to have respect and to continue to grow and increase my knowledge regarding the teachers of Guatama Buddha and dharma. This also includes holding self and others with compassion.

The ceremony took place over the telephone as I am located in Pennsylvania and Rev. Koyo and Adrienne san are in California. It was important for me to have a witness during the ceremony. My eldest children were at school during this time and only my 16 month old son would be with me and I also wanted my mother to be my witness.

Since my mother lives in Georgia I decided to call her first and then conference Rev. Koyo and Adrienne san into the call. I told my mother to have herself on mute so that airplanes over head or dogs bark could not be heard. About twenty minutes into the call I realized that the line on my mother’s end was disconnected. My first thought was that something went wrong with her line. But then I realized that was unlikely and I thought perhaps she became impatient and left the line as she needed to do something for my brother.

I felt she wasn’t there for me. All of these thoughts came within seconds and my next thought was to stop what I was doing. Stop assuming and just hope the best. Her line was inadvertently cut off.

I knew that I was also making vows to see the best in every person, situation and myself. Therefore I must direct myself to positive thoughts or better yet NO THOUGHTS.

I realized that I could assume and assume the worse and that would be unkind in two fold. I was unfairly assuming my mother let me down and I was not giving proper respect to the ceremony happening in front of me. I was disrespecting the time and consideration that Rev. Koyo Kubose and Adrienne san were giving to me and the moment.

Eventually I was in touch with my mother and she said she waited on the line for 20 minutes and heard nothing and she eventually hung up. I was so upset with myself for forgetting the simple act of transferring her being on hold into the conference call. It was my undoing. I apologized to my mother. I made such a big deal of her being there. I was very upset with myself. My mom was fine she just laughed and said I owed her $200 for her twenty minutes of time!

I was able to let go of being upset with my mom for leaving the call. I knew I had to not make assumptions and simply assume she left. It was important for me to be mindful and present. Then later it was important for me to forgive myself for leaving my mother out of the ceremony. I apologized profusely.

Dharma Glimpse: Never assume anything. Hold self and others in compassion. Learn to let go when life does not show up the way you want it to.

Happy December Everyone!

Life has been very busy for me lately however I am slowly catching up.

I am currently working on setting up an Etsy store and that should probably be ready in the next couple of weeks.

You may visit my CafePress shop for various items imprinted with my Hamsa artwork.

My favorite item to purchase is the greeting cards.

I do have another CafePress Shop that has only a couple of items but nice nonetheless. New artwork will be forthcoming.

Other things going on in my life I am currently studying in a two year non-residential Lay Minister program via the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism and I absolutely LOVE the program.

As I journey through my Dharma path and my studies with Bright Dawn I will share my thoughts via my blog titled OnenessDharma

The path of Dharma has been an enormous blessing in my life as has my Sensei Rev. Koyo Kubose and his lovely wife Adrienne san. Thank you.

Life is a beautiful journey of ups and downs like the ebb and flow of the vast ocean.

I seek to remain open to all that Life has to teach me and I seek to contemplate and understand the Oneness of Life in all of its multitudinous facets.

Oneness in Joy, Grace and Peace
__//\\__ Tamu Hoyo Ngina

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

08 December 2011

Happy Bodhi Day!!

Happy Bodhi Day! Celebrate awakening to who you really are. Today is celebrated as the day that Guatama Buddha....became a Buddha...an Awakened or Enlightened one. May we all be blessed with finding the Buddha within!

Today is also a special day for me as I had my Ti Sarana ceremony. It was a ceremony for me to make a formal commitment to the Buddhist path or as I see it the path of Dharma.

I thank my sensei Rev. Koyo Kubose and his lovely wife Adrienne san for officiating and participating in this ceremony with me today.

Currently I am participating in a two year non-residential lay minister program with the Bright Dawn Institute of Oneness Buddhism. This program has proven to be an invaluable tool for my personal healing and spiritual growth.

I was given the Dharma name Hoyo which I am told means "fragrant sun".

I give thanks to my ancestors to bring me to this day.

In Joy and Oneness

07 November 2011

On the Reiki journey

The practice of Usui Reiki has been a journey of great spiritual growth and synchronicity.

Interestingly enough with spiritual growth sometimes comes mountains and valleys that must be traversed.

The mountains maybe high, really high and the valleys can be surprisingly low.

That pretty much sums up nearly the last two years of my life.

Suffice it to say there were lots of lessons for me to learn.

I will sum up those lessons as succinctly as possible. I am a woman of many words once I get rolling.


Trust that ancient and deep wisdom within you.
Take care of yourself before you take care of others.
Be true to yourself in all ways, a little compromise goes a long way.
Have as much compassion for yourself as you have for others.

How was that for brevity?

I give thanks for the lessons learned. For the ways in which I was stretched because I know that it will serve to make me a better and more mindful person and also give me the tools to be there for another in need from a similar situation.

Along with family and good friends Reiki practice was what sustained me.

Just for today....

How many times did that mantra float from my lips or I grasped and held on to it in my heart.

Do not anger

In Buddhism we are taught that anger is like hot coals we attempt to hold on to as they burn our hands.

Do not worry

Yes. I know. Easier said than done. But each and everyday I repeated that one especially. Did it stop me from worrying? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But I did not give up repeating in my mind, in my dreams and even writing it down.

Be humble

I took this precept with ultimate care. I had gratitude and counted my blessings. Very appreciative of landing on my feet, of internal strength, of supportive friends and of the judicial system. Especially thankful for good health and a good will.

Being humble to me went hand in hand with being thankful.

Be honest in your work

I interpret this one to mean that I should becareful with my thoughts. Not to wish ill on the person who so deeply offended me.
I walked mindfully and gingerly in my thoughts. Careful to not to wish ill will.  That was not difficult but it was very trying.

When you feel as though you have been so betrayed by one in whom you put your trust it can be pretty easy to have hateful thoughts towards that person. And it can be exacting work to guard your thoughts and reaction less you become the same.

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

When you weep when you feel you should be strong take it easy on yourself. When you feel that you should be over it already yet you find yourself breaking down for a moment wiped the tears away and breathe. Do not beat yourself up.

Let go of the pain. Forgive the other. You do not need to forget but it is best to let go.

You know better you do better. That saying is for both actors in the drama.

That is compassion.  Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be compromised. Forgive the one who hurt you so that you can heal. And you release that person so s/he too can possibly open eyes to compassion, healing and spiritual growth.

Do not have hate for the one who you feel harmed you. That person is still asleep.

Yes. This is how my reiki practice helped me through a most difficult period.

21 September 2011

Heaven Within

After having a toddler again, being older myself and through it all before, I now understand that saying "unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

The little ones truly know how to live in the NOW, live in the moment. They know how to let go and enjoy the moment in pure abandonment conscious of nothing but the joy that is before them. Amein!

11 September 2011

Death is

What did i learn today? Death and life are neither good nor bad. Ugly nor beautiful. Death is life. Life is death. One can not be without the other. Thank you Kubose-sensei.

16 August 2011

As water

Everyday on my journey I start fresh.
I am not the same as yesterday.
I am the me who is growing & learning.
Yet I seek the soundless sound that reminds me
I AM & that I AM the same as when I was new & fresh.

I remember to flow as water

16 July 2011


"The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life." ~ Muhammed Ali

04 July 2011

The Energy of Creativity

The early morning hours when everything is fresh and wet with dew is an auspicious time for weaving forth your soul's

Photo by Tamu Ngina

26 June 2011


Haiku are tiny seventeen syllable poems that seek to convey a sudden awareness of beauty by a mating of opposite or incongruous terms.

*Edward G. Seidensticker

20 June 2011

On my walk this evening

Is the Universe giving me a message?

Good Morning

The birds are awake and in deep conference. Some are serious and others are playful. Flying from tree to tree visiting and flitting about. They seem to have privilege to traverse the veil. Birds, what secret discovered, pray tell?

Good Morning, indeed.

13 June 2011

Robin's Nesting

Babies are sweet big or small, mammals or birds. Lovely Robins perched outside the front door.

07 May 2011

Celebrate life happy Mothers Day

Video created by my dear friend and Reiki teacher Leslie of http://www.AscensionReiki.com

16 April 2011

Each and Every Day

the mind/heart is the battlefield, ego or growth...some days i'm weary & some days i'm like xena, warrior princess and other days i flow like water.

03 March 2011

26 February 2011



from my Ascension Reiki Teachers Jayson and Leslie Suttkus

03 January 2011

Manifesting Love

On the left side panel I have posted a link for order information for a book I am currently reading.

Manifesting Love From The Inside Out.

This book was recently recommended to me by my youngest son's pediatrician. Last year, two days after the birth of my son, I went through a traumatic event from which I am on a journey of healing.

I have had angels all around me guiding and helping me. And I am thankful for each and everyone of you who has held my hand, loaned your shoulder for me to cry on and just treated me with kindness.

Our life is the journey...the journey to center and the journey to self. Just when we think we are there we find that we have more to journey through. I am thankful for my lessons and growth thus far!

Manifesting Love is basically about being who you truly are, a loving and whole person who stands centered in your own personal authenticity.

It is brilliantly, personally and compassionately written. Trust me it is not just another book.

Blessings to Dr. Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. for sharing what she has learned and cultivated.

02 January 2011

Be Peace

We should each resolve this year to be the Peace we

 wish to see in the world. If each of us becomes mindful

 to Be Peace in each situation of our lives who knows

 what ramifications that will have.

Reiki Blessings!

Have you self-reiki today?

01 January 2011

Raynauds Symptoms and Iron Deficiency

Happy Gregorian New Year to you!!

I wanted to share this personal finding with you just perchance that it may prove to be of some help to others who have dealt with what I have dealt with for the last 10 years.

Since the birth of my 3rd son I begun to develop symptoms in my hands, my fingers to be exact, that is labeled "Raynaud's Syndrome".  

The symptoms include my fingers (and toes) becoming severely reactive to "cool" temperatures. If the temperature hit below 65 degrees the blood vessels in my fingers or toes would severely constrict leaving the extremity white with absolutely no blood circulation. This could happen in the winter, spring or autumn (sometimes summer) even upon opening the refrigerator or freezer door. Grocery shopping in the freezer section was never fun for me!

The above photo is NOT of my hands of course however my symptoms included white from the tips of my fingers to the base of the hand- the entire finger!

At first only one or two fingers would be affected but eventually all four fingers (I can not remember if the thumb was as well). The fingers would turn cold, white and stay that way for 20 to 30 minutes. After severe numbness and being perfectly white they would then become tinged blue then red and burn as they warmed up again.

These symptoms began around  2000/1. I truly began to absolutely dread winter. As a matter of fact my nose and forehead also seemed to lose some circulation.

Well I was never officially diagnosed but after consulting with friends who were either physicians and physician assistants I was told that this was labeled Raynaud's disease or Raynaud's syndrome.

Raynaud's, from my personal research, can stand alone as a disease or can be a syndrome that can accompany other diseases or disorders.

During my last pregnancy I discovered that I was severely iron deficient anemic. This discovery answered a lot of issues I had been having. But who wants to take iron supplements as we all know what they tend to cause! Wreaking havoc in the elimination system! ;-)

I had discovered an iron supplement that I felt would be good for me but was hesitant to try it because it was a bit costly but then my Nurse Midwife at the birthing center also mentioned the same iron supplement by name. 

She said it was what they recommended to all of their anemic patients in order to raise their hematocrit levels. Mine was so low that I risked the possibility of hemorrhaging while giving birth and perhaps needing a blood transfusion.

I purchased the supplement via Amazon.com and in no time  raised my blood levels to where they needed to be all with out the undesirable side effect.  I also had more energy. The energy I had before having children!

Anyway...as surprising side effect I noticed this year is that I no longer have that horrible "Raynaud's Syndrome".

Mind you I would severely feel the effects of cold on my fingers where other people could be gloveless without a thought or flinch.  Trust me, by this time of year I would have been feeling it as I have the last 9 to 10 years.

Coincidence, I do not know. Placebo effect? No, because I had not even thought one bit of the connection before hand. I just happened to notice that temperatures had dropped and that while I was cold I never once had the urge to chop my fingers or toes off!!

Anyway I wanted to share this with anyone, who may suffer from the same, as an option to help. 

Floradix Iron supplement has been a part of my daily regimen since about July 2010 so I had been taking it for at least 4 months when I noticed no winter chills!

It is important however before starting any iron supplement even a "natural" one that you get a blood test from your doctor to find out if you are in fact iron anemic.  Too much iron in the system can be severely detrimental just as too little iron.

If you already know that you are iron deficient and you have been distraught with iron supplements because of there constipating effects then this supplement would have no worries.

Consult with your healthcare professional to get your blood test first! 

Iron deficiency may or may not be your issue.

Reiki Blessings for a Healthy New Year!

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions for 2011.

May 2011 be filled with joy and peace.

May kindness and compassion never cease.

May love know no bounds.

May we be open to accepting more than enough abundance to go around.

Healing is in your hands....touch someone this year!