21 March 2022

Spiritual Reading Sessions

Rev. Tamu Ngina,


Brings over 35 plus years of experience in spiritual practice, leadership, energy & herbal healing, and holistic wellness.

Tamu Ngina is an ordained Esoteric Interfaith minister, ordained Dharma  Lay Minister, she has a wide range of experience and understand of various religious and spiritual texts.

Tamu Ngina is a licensed massage therapist, certified reflexologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher and self trained herbalist with 27 plus years in Motherhood.

Whether helping you to lay a rich spiritual foundation for your life or helping you with whole life coaching including wellness practices, meditation and individual dreams and goal setting and attainment - Tamu Ngina is dedicated to holding space to help you reach and maintain your goals.

If you would like a Spiritual Session with Tamu Ngina she is available for half hour and hour Intuitive Tarot/Oracle readings via telephone. To schedule a session send email to MendSoulYoga@
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