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Japanese Reiki Level One Shoden: The Beginning

What is Reiki? Japanese word for “Sacred, Soul or Spiritual Energy”.
Ki or Chi in Chinese is the energy that runs through everything at all times. It is the energy that binds all living things together. When our energy is low we become stressed and when we are stressed our energy is low. Stress not only lowers our energy levels but it may reduce our body’s natural immune system. When stress is minimized and relaxation optimized our bodies immunity is able to rejuvenate its self.

Reiki is first and foremost a wonderful path for self-healing and personal and spiritual growth especially when taught within its traditional perspective. Reiki is a wonderful helpful healing modality that induces relaxation and helps to sooth a stressed body system. Reiki is a hands on or off healing energy meditation much like Tai Chi or Chi Gung which transfers a healing touch/healing energy to the recipient and also benefits the person who is giving ReiKi.

All energy is from one source, the source of Life which flows through all animate and inanimate objects such as people, plants, animals, oceans, mountains and earth.

Experience Japanese Reiki Level 1…SHODEN – Reiki 1: The Beginning Teachings of traditional Japanese Reiki.

In Japanese Reiki 1: Shoden you learn the first three of five elements in traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho practice which include:
 Gokai: The Five Reiki Precepts. Daily Affirmations.
 Traditional Energetic Reiki Meditation & Breath work Techniques.
 Hands-On Healing Practice for working on Self and Others

Learn the history of Western Reiki and Traditional Japanese Reiki energetic meditations, breath work and hands on healing for you first and others. During class you will also receive a traditional Reiju, which is like a Reiki blessing from teacher to student.

You will be encouraged to not only form your daily practice but will also have four case studies to complete.

By the end of class you will have a firm foundation in the history and practice of traditional Usui Reiki practice; you will learn valuable energetic meditations to manage your stress and well-being. You will also receive a certificate of completion and continued teacher support and optional Reiki practice times.

We will meet in person and at times via  (live) SKYPE or GOOGLE Hangouts video.

Class duration approximately three weeks with ongoing student support via email after class has ended.
You will receive assignments as well as a manual. You will have a live video chat with me twice a week for the duration. You will also have four case studies to complete. In the end you will receive a certificate of completion for Japanese Reiki Level One: SHODEN.

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