22 July 2008

Holy Grail Your Rx

Where are USA prescription drugs manufactured? In the USA?


You can come to your own conclusion.

18 July 2008

Chi Massage

Chi Massage by Mantak Chia

Chi Massage
The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation.

As a Reiki practitioner I can certainly see how this method of self rejuvenation can be integrated with Rei-Ki.

16 July 2008

Do Your Homework

Honour the moment that you are in NOW.

Do your homework.

Be honest with yourself.

Have questions?

Pray. Go within. Be still.

Be honest with yourself and trust what you see.

Trust in yourself and do not doubt.

Trust can only be established once you have entered
internal dialog with the Divine that is within you.

But you must do your homework first...what ever your
assignment is.....

09 July 2008

Unconditional Love


What are the steps to unconditional love? I mean truly realising and actuating unconditional love.

Dare I say that there are NO steps to unconditional love. Why not? Because you already are unconditional love. It is about remembrance. It is about allowing the dry husks to fall from around you.

What was my "aha" moment?

Unconditional love is....

When you cease the desire or need to hold another accountable.

Then I thought to myself...could I imagine being constantly held accountable for all the crazy, inane, ridiculous and out right wrong paths I have taken in my life?

Wow! What a daunting and scary prospect.

Yes, I must let go the need to hold other accountable.

It is the process or part of the process of just letting go.


Breathe the Breath of Life....stop holding your breath and exhale.

Only when you exhale can you let a fresh breath of Life in.

Needing to hold other accountable is like holding your breath!

Think on this and let it sink in.

I love you.

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