Rev. Tamu Ngina being ordained by Rev. Katia Romanoff
of the Esoteric Theological Seminary 
& Esoteric Interfaith Church



Mystic. Priestess. 

The Way of Oneness.

Summer Solistice 2009, leaning against my Twin Tree.

Rev. Tamu Ngina 
officiating the ordination for Rev. Cheryl Peckham
Personal journey...

My journey is about balance, self-knowledge and assisting others on their journey in the Oneness of Life.  First and foremost is my understanding that we are all connected and that this beautiful thing we call Life is continual transition and goes beyond the physical.

Ever since I was a small child I began my communion with Nature and the unseen realm. At age 3 I began to understand the interconnected nature of humanity. As a young child I began to have mystical experiences. Mystical experiences that nurtured me and guided me along my path.  Also, I experienced the unseen realm in ways not always so pleasant to my young mind. But all of these experiences and delving into my inner nature on my own, led by Spirit, helped to train me to have a center focal point of balance. Of course, I also had my normal human journey into the ups and downs of this beautiful LIFE.

It is my understanding that spiritual awakening/growth into who we truly are does not happen in a straight line. I have nearly forty years of study, learning and practicing various religious and spiritual paths. Every aspect of life...our success and our failures are all temporary and they serve to deepen our wisdom of the True Reality of Being.