Tamu Ngina, 
Artist. Healer. Priestess of The Way of Oneness.
(thru Bhakti Yoga, Orthodox Judaism, Buddhism, The Path of Dharma/SELF!)

Tamu Ngina actively began her awakening at age four when she first learned of death and the temporary nature of physical life. At age 9, Tamu began her formal inquiry into religious thought. She fully awakened to the Divine Feminine at age 18 when she pursued the path of Bhakti Yoga in 1989. 

Tamu Ngina being ordained by Rev. Katia Romanoff
of the Esoteric Theological Seminary 
& Esoteric Interfaith Church

Tamu is an ordained Spiritual/Esoteric Minister, Ordained Esoteric Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Buddhist Minister and Meditation teacher. She is trained in both Western Reiki and traditional Japanese Reiki lineages and is a Usui Reiki Shihan/Teacher. She holds a diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology and in Massage Therapy. 

Her personal spiritual path includes the study and practice of various religions and spiritual/esoteric paths gaining a well round perspective. 

Tamu Ngina is passionate for energy healing, breath work, meditation and the esoteric pursuit as a means of spiritual evolution. She enjoys assisting others in finding their center within, their path to The Way of Oneness.

Personal journey...
Summer Solistice 2009, leaning against my Twin Tree.

My journey is about balance, self-knowledge and assisting others on their journey in the Oneness of Life. First and foremost is my understanding that we are all connected and that this beautiful thing we call Life is continual transition.

It is my understanding that spiritual awakening/growth into who we truly are does not happen in a straight line. Every aspect of life...our success and our failures are all temporary and they serve to deepen our wisdom of the True Reality of Being.

As of 2016, I am formally pursing higher training via the teachings of the International Metaphysical Ministry via University of Sedona. To ultimately pursue a religious doctorate in Mystical Research.

So, what is my PURPOSE my MISSION?

To awaken so that I may help others awaken. To shine my light so that I can help others to shine their light! To help unite Heaven on Earth through the heart of our center.
August 2013 Rev. Tamu Ngina 
officiating the ordination for Rev. Cheryl Peckham

Using both my  life lessons, experience and formal training to assist others on their journey to Self.

My ministry is called Sanctuary Center Within, founded in 2012 and it is a Way of Oneness  ministry which focuses on our potential to grow as compassionate humans and personal healing while recognizing the good and Oneness of All spiritual paths.

Sanctuary Center Within Sangha which meets each Saturday morning. Our main focus is Dharma and Buddhist Meditation. Visit www.SCWSangha.org for more details.

If you are in need of ministerial services please feel free to be in touch.