26 November 2008

Inner Visions Crystals

Looking for crystals online?

Inner Vision Crystals on eBay has an awesome selection and the folks seem really kind.

And their direct web address is: InnerVisionCrystals



10 November 2008

Truth I AM

We have total Truth within us at all times.

We have but to be still and silent to insperience Truth.

Truth comes within the moments between moments.

Those times in which there is no time and you can not quantify
nor qualify.

However, you must be open. You must have the heart innocence
of a child.

Because Truth will whisper in your ear when you least expect.

Will you be still enough to listen? To recognize Truth when it
speaks in you?

Be Still and know that I AM.


There will be a time when you can no longer say I believe in this or I believe in that...

You will just insperience and you will know and you have no need to justify.

Simply and utterly because I AM THAT I AM.