13 April 2009

Self contained present

My brother is an amazing photographer.

Check out his portrait and creative works.

Self-Reiki the First Gate

Today I posted to the following:

Just for today... Before you touch anyone else with your Reiki hands you must first touch yourself. Self-Reiki is the first gate.

Usui-sensei created his System Natural Healing as a method for self-perfection.

Reiki is not a theoretical discussion it is a practical decision that must be put in to action each and everyday in order for it to be the tool of personal and spiritual growth and self-realization that it was originally meant to be.

When a person grows spiritually, emotionally and mentally they are able to begin the healing process.
Healing can happen on all levels mind, spirit and body simultaneously or individually.
Healing is a state that can be achieved once a person is able to balance in his or her center self.

To be healed means that a person is at peace with his or her outer and inner environment.

Healing does not necessarily mean that a physical disease has been cured but it can mean that one is better able to cope with physical limitations.

As a Reiki practitioner I caution you not to allow anyone to do a Reiki treatment on you who is not first committed to their own personal self-practice.
As a Reiki practitioner I caution you not to do a Reiki treatment on anyone else unless you have committed yourself to self-Reiki and it's importance.

Self-Reiki is the First Gate to truly healing yourself and to blossoming into the YOU that only You can be! Self-Reiki is the First Gate to bringing healing and peace to the Earth.

When you are at your center, your place of balance you are better able to assist other and to demonstrate to others as how to reach their center of peace.
Have your Reiki hands touched you today?

02 April 2009

Don Beckett Reiki Master Part 2

FOLLOW-UP>>>> April 2, 2009

I just received in the mail my copy of Don Beckett's new book! He sent me a copy that I will forever treasure.

I must first comment on the quality of the publication itself. The book is printed on high quality heavy weight semi-lustre paper. It is trade paper book size with a very nice sturdy cover.

Now to the contents. All I can say is wow! This will be the book I recommend to my Reiki students. And yes if you buy only ONE book this is definitely the one for you to purchase.

There is nothing else like it on the market under one cover convey this message with such clarity and humility and love.

I immediately sent Don an email to thank him and to let him know that I sensed a subtle vibration emanating from the book...and I am not surprised.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this book. You will not be disappointed.

One Love!