30 May 2010

Receiving Reiki From Others

Many of us, especially women, are so used to being care takers. Caring for everyone else first and forgetting or just neglecting to care for ourselves.

This is just a reminder that you are never too busy to take time out for yourself. That time out could be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour and hey if you are super lucky a full day!

The important thing is to take time out to pamper yourself.

Soak your feet in hot water, epson salt and lavender/peppermint essential oils. Fifteen minutes of this will rejuvenate you surely.

As Reiki practitioners in service to others around us it is imperative that we make sure we also receive.  Self-reiki practice is extremely beneficial but there is nothing like lying back and receiving from someone else.

Receiving a hands on reiki treatment at least once every two weeks or once a month will keep you centered.

Today my friend Lelayna is coming over to give me a much needed reiki treatment and I am so excited.

Thanks to Alice for reminding me to find someone close by to give me a treatment.

So paying it forward, so to speak, do not forget to exchange with a friend or seek out a practitioner to give you a little reiki tlc.

29 May 2010

Love Is


Love is a verb. 

It manifest as action born from an intricate mixture of emotion and choice.

Love is a choice. A choice that involves a mixture of head and heart.

Love is a muscle that will atrophy if not flexed and nourished. 


The heart a most brilliant organ. Love a most complex gift.

Thank you for the love that is given, that is received, that flows in me, through me and manifests in each breath.

28 May 2010

Revisiting The First Gate

Today was a wonderful full day. I returned home today from work, errands and appointments to reading a wonderful and inspiring comment from one of the readers of this blog.

I was so inspired that I felt I should re-post the comment from the blog post that was made a little over a year ago because I felt that perhaps you would be just inspired as I am since reading it.

The post title from April 9, 2009

Self-Reiki the First Gate

The most recent comment made over a year later--and I hope you enjoy it as well:

Anonymous said...
After my awakening, I began to do self-Reiki every 2nd day as a method of attuning myself to the loving vibrations of my higher-essence and spirit guides. During each session, I remind every cell in my body that it is loved beyond words and that we are all part of the One. Using a unique method of focus, I have been able to IMMEDIATELY heal mental and emotional blocks as well as minor injuries to my physical body. I am still amazed by the results.

Since I began over 2 years ago, I have not become ill for any reason. By obtaining a greater understanding of the nature of my reality, I realized that everything is of my own creation. Now let us move forward in love.
Anonymous, thank you very much for taking time to share your comment, share your heart, and share what you have learned in the journey of your soul on this plane.

27 May 2010

Full Moon May

Yes, it has been quite some time since my last post, more than several months have past however I am back!

I will not bore you with all the details but suffice it to say sometimes one's Life may go up in flames so that she rises out of the ashes restored and even more brilliant just as the Phoenix rises to soar again to even greater heights.

How à propos that today is the day I return to posting as many of you may be aware that it is one of my favorite days of the month next to the New Moon, today is the month of May's full moon.
2nd full moon of May 2007 known as a blue moon.

May's full moon is also known as the flower moon, corn planting moon or milk moon. I personally like the name Flower Moon because its the time of year that all the lovely flowers are really coming into their own.

May favorite flower, or at least one of many, is the Asiatic Lily.
The above lily photo borrowed from this website. Mine have yet to bloom but I assure you that once they do I will definitely post photos.

Anyway, I am glad to be back. I am glad to have risen from the ashes. So many new ventures happening in my life. So much growth, love and positivity. Of course there were a lot of tears but I truly believe that one can only really enjoy the joy in their life only when they have experienced sorrow. One appreciates the sunrise only when they have also been through darkness.

Part of my time off was to concentrate on school. Yes, I have finally pursued a long time dream of mine which was to attend Massage Therapy School. And I did it!! Yeah for me!

And the last piece of good news I will share is that I am expecting my forth child. I can hardly believe my eyes when I read what I have read. Yes, my forth child. This little blessing will arrive in just a couple of months.

*sigh...onward, outward, inward and upward. So much love to share and so much love to receive.

May you all be so blessed to understand just how much you have to be thankful for.

Stay tuned....