28 August 2013

Back Again

As I was writing in my journal this evening I thought I would share.

Not the entire entry because that is a bit too voyeuristic.

Just a piece. Once piece that I felt may be particularly edifying. Enjoy.

Breathe in deeply. Breathing brings in that breath of energy which enlivens us and keeps us bold. 
Step one and two and back again. 
Everyday is a good day.
The moon waxes and wanes. The sun rises and sets.
We start as buds to bloom to whither and back again. 
Everyday is a good day. 
The baby smiles. The old woman remembers. 
Love. Compassion. One. All else is commentary.

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

16 August 2013

The Making of a Minister

Well, it is Friday night. A nice, calm, cool August night. What a lovely week I had. As a bodywork therapist I am privileged to be a witness for other people on their journey to relaxing, healing and returning to their center within.

As a minister I get to be a witness on a whole new level. When someone has spent their entire life on their spiritual journey and one day they wake up and decide they are ready to be in service to other's on their journey they may choose to become ordained as a Spiritual Minister as I did.

This past week I had the honor to perform, witness and join in to bless one such woman on her journey. What a wonderful ceremony it was. Cheryl wrote her spiritual biography detailing her personal spiritual path and how she has enhanced her spiritual education and also explained how becoming a minister would fit on her path. This spiritual biography was submitted to Rev. Katia Romanoff of the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc., in order to request ordination and recognition as an independent Spiritual
(healing) Minister.

She crafted her personal affirmation using verses from the Christian bible as her guide posts. She also crafted beautiful spiritual prose that she asked her guest to recite on her behalf. The resulting ordination ceremony was very personal, very specially and sacred.

Allow me to introduce Rev. Cheryl Ann Peckham a newly ordained Spiritual Healing Minister. Rev. Cheryl specializes in Aromatherapy and Reiki healing. She is also can work wonders in Microsoft Office. ;-)

Bright blessings to Rev. Cheryl Ann on her journey in this life. May she continue to seek her center within. May her hands be strong, yet gentle and may they bring healing to herself first and to others. May her hands manifest her multitudes of talents into this realm.

Thank you to Rev. Katia Romanoff of Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. and the Esoteric Theological Seminary
and to Rev. Cheryl Ann Peckham.

Step into YOUR glory!

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

09 August 2013

Gestation Period

Today is an auspicious day. One of my spiritual sisters confirms me on my path. She tells me we are in the 8th month which represents infinity and the ninth day which represents the birthing process. Today I took my independent ministry charter paper to the local notary to have it notarized as I signed my name.

In a way he was witnessing me accepting the first official official step on my journey, or shall I say the next step on my journey.

As time moves I am honing in one what my passion and purpose is. The direction I want my ministry to go. Signing my charters papers and having it officially witnessed confirms me on my path. The next nine months will be months of seeking Truth, deep personal and Universal Truths as I endeavor to give birth to my ministry and protocol for An Esoteric Journey To Self.

I will be spending the next 9 months truly focusing on my journey and bringing to Life and Light my gifts. Gifts which I look forward to sharing with others.

Learning more deeply to let go. Let go of that which does not serve me for my highest good and highest purpose. Letting go of fears and tears and all of that. Loving myself truly, madly and deeply. Only when I am able to do all of the above will I be able to truly manifest my portion of Truth.

Brightest Blessings.

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.