28 September 2006

Learn to have fun!

as most of us know earth lost a wonderful son this past sept. 4, 2006.

steve irwin who dedicated his life to educating people on conservationism
and that nature and wildlife are important.

i was very sad when i learned of his death. but no need to go into the emotional

last night barbara walters, host of 20/20, did an interview with steve's american
wife teri.

i decided not to watch the interview because i knew that teri would be wracked
with mourning emotions and being the empath that i am it would have just
been too difficult to watch or listen. when you feel others pain so intensely
as i do, it can be a very stressful situation to endure.

i acknowledge his death,the pain of it, and most importantly respect the memory
of his life.

well this morning i decided to walk to school with the kids as a great way to start my day.
their school is well over half a mile away.

i came back into the house to turn on Good Morning America believing that they might
have just snippet of the interview or at least babs on there talking about it.

well as soon as i turn the tv on i see teri's face. you can see that the woman was doing
her best to be strong, to be brave and mustering up the courage to go on. the pain
in her face, in her voice….it was intense.

ms. walters asked her what does she miss the most about steve?
teri replied,” i know this is selfish, but what i miss most is steve's ability to have fun. steve taught me that it was ok to play in the rain, to jump in mud puddles. it was okay if the kids got dirty or spilled ice cream on your pants. steve didnt sweat the small stuff because he saw the bigger picture….”

she also said something about she hopes soon that she will be able to have fun again because she is mrs. steve irwin and she has a lot to live up to.

of course when she said that i just burst into tears.

prior to that portion she mentioned that steve believed that if we each did our part in the world to help the world it would all add up. we have to each do our part.


while you are going about your day, your life… doing your part in the world…
please do not forget to have fun. do not forget the 12 year old that you were,
that you are, that you should be. live life with joy, love, responsiblity and most
importantly FUN.

steve irwin's 8 year old daughter bindi sue reading her speech at her fathers memorial service. btw, bindi was named after his favorite crocodile and his best mate dog sui :-)
photo from AP Yahoo!

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