16 April 2007

Musings & Self Reflections

this kabbalistic incantation...
אין עוד מילבדו
Ain Od Milvado...
There is nothing but Gd

or as I like to say ...

There is nothing but Infinite

Because I believe, for myself
that Gd has become our own little
idol which has been fashioned
from ourselves... rather than us
from Elohim.

אין עוד מילבדו

There is Nothing but the Infinite.

What struck me today is that
out of that hebrew incantation
I can see OM... its

OM or AUM being the Primordial
sound of the UniVerse;
the sound of creation.....

From whence we get "amein"

om...ain od

אין עוד מילבדו


Just my personal thoughts

אין עוד מילבדו
There is Nothing but the Infinite.

12 April 2007

Ain Od Milvado

אין עוד מילבדו

There is Nothing but the Infinite.

08 April 2007

What the @&#! do we know? (Updated Edition)

i've recently seen the movie... the updated version and here is my review....


Reviewer:(ME) -
it is sad to know that there are some people (a great deal of people) who will just NEVER get it.

and in the western culture (i suppose especially the US of A)people are just so desensitized and sedated by so called media/entertainment that unless they are slapped in the face with a concept they will never be able to open their minds beyond their narrow points of view. i have watched this movie twice and i did not at one time see it as an infomercial for Ramtha....

this has nothing to do with trying to get someone to follow some Ramtha.
what i feel, what i believe the movie is trying to explain is a very basic concept that we create our own lives.

if we insist on feeling victimized and dwelling in negativity we will eventually rewire our brains to expect such, to feel such and to see only such as the state of victimization.... exchange that word and fill in the blanks... whether negative or positive.

if we were brought up in a cruel unloving household...this is what we begin to associate love with... fear with...etc.... but we have to be an observer in order to change it.... we must work at rewiring our brain to not SEE or expect failure, unloving feelings... so on and so forth.

it is basically about the thoughts we allow to persist and insist in our minds. there are an infinite number of possiblities,choices and feelings... but we must choose... choose the positive over the negative... choose blessings over curses.... do you get it??

it boils down to is the glass half empty or is it half full.... if you constantly look at the half empty glass you will be so conditioned to see a half empty glass no matter how full and running over the glass is....

a thousand step journey begins with one....

i recommend this movie to be watched in a group.... people with lots of life experience and people who are young... people who are conformist and people who are free thinkers.... perhaps if this movie is watched in this way with a dialog and discussion afterwards perhaps more people would begin to see what is being presented and understand how to change their own lives and thought processes... and take more control and responsiblity for themselves rather just being tossed to and fro on the waves of emotions....

change your mind change your choices change your choices change your life...

what drama are you/i addicted to??

its not about Ramtha or what ever organisation...

its about LIFE/YOU/I
come on... think....

(post-script= most of us are too conditioned to see the reality we think we see that we are afraid to believe that we actually have some sort of control and could change things, if not outside of us at least inside, which by the way some deem more important in the long far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?)

07 April 2007

Trust yourself

it is important to trust yourself.

to trust that still small voice.

it is important to spend time alone

to be still

and know that God is....

you know more than you realise

if you would only be still

be silent