23 August 2007

The Universal Light Church

An interfaith, interdenominational church with members of various walks of life and religious/spiritual backgrounds including but not limited to Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus and all other spiritual believers.

I am , religiously speaking, a practicing Jew as well as I consider my self to be MetaSpiritual which in my definition means I acknowledge various world spiritual writings to be valid missives from which I can obtain knowledge of religion and spirituality.

I believe in miracles and hands on healing that is spoken of in the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the Christian scriptures and other eastern scriptures throughout the world.

All of these religions practiced some form of energy healing which in modern times has become known by various and numerous monikers such as Reiki, Chios Healing, Prayer, Laying on of Hands and through such schools of thought as Barbara Brennan and Donna Eden to name a scant few.

It is my 1st Amendment right to practice my religion and spirituality according to the dictates of my religious/spiritual beliefs in G-d.
the 1st. Amendment:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; etc...."
My choice to become a member of The Universal Light Church is to reaffirm my committment to my religious/spiritual freedom and to stand with my brothers and sisters in faith in our Creator and what blessings of physio/Spiritual healing and methods to obtain that S/He has blessed us with; such as laying on of hands (Reiki,Chios Healing, Energy Healing) and prayers and all other modalities that help to keep us connected to Creator/Source of LIFE.

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