03 September 2007

Self Love

Self love is far from being selfish.

Self love gives one the ability
to truly love others.

True self love is not selfish.

Do you love yourself?

When you look in the mirror
can you smile back at your self with love
and admiration?

And with a sense of humility?

Not false humility.
Not false humbleness.

Being humble is not about walking
around with your head dropped down.

Humility is not about showing how
worthless you are.

Being humble is not about how low
you can hang your head or how well
you can blend into the background.

Being humble or having a sense of humility
is, perhaps, about understanding your place
in life.

Understanding that one of your occupations
is to show love to others.

Knowing that you are eternally a student.

That there is more for you to know.

Even that you evaluate yourself and realise
that there is more, more to learn, more to grow
no matter what goals, degrees, recognition or
socio-economic realms you have obtained.

You have not forgotten where you come from
or how far you have yet to sojourn.

And you are truly no different than the beggar
on the corner.

Do you love yourself?

If you do not have love for yourself how can you truly believe you have love for others?

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