10 September 2007

The Decree of Faith

Take faith with you as you inquire and exact your actions.

Faith is the mightiest tool ever given to humankind for transformation
and for turning dreams into realities.

The Decree of Faith

I no longer confuse what I seem to be with who I really Am.
Knowing Who I Am, I still my mind, greet my courage, and seed myself
With faith.

Here in my solitude, I Am not burdened by thoughts of the past.
I have no fear of the future.
Divorced from past and future,
I have faith that Life in all of its infinite wisdom will take care of
Holding positive faith, I know all situations will be resolved in Divine
right order
without my control.

The Consciousness that brought my Spirit here
is the Consciousness that will guide me safely through my life
the instant I allow it to.
My path is illuminated by Divine Light
as I take each step toward my Divine nature.
Every question I have is met with an answer when I still my mind to
I have faith in the power of the Love that I Am
and my way is made clear.
I take each step forward with faith and love.

This moment I bind myself to positive faith and allow the power of good
to surge around and through me.
I Charge myself with radiant I Am Light
and embrace all power given to me from above me and within me.
My faith and courage dispel the limits and inhibitions of my past,
and I intend to live each day from this moment on in faith,
elevating my consciousness and being lifted into the future of myself.
I Am indeed blessed
. . . and so it is.

Please feel comfortable to pass this on along with The World Puja

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