18 October 2007

Reiki Spiritual Practice

If you think about it, when it boils down to the last drop
Reiki is first and foremost a spiritual practice whose daily
application leads to healing on various levels, first and foremost
on a spiritual level.

Reiki can be seen, and I believe IS, as a unifying spiritual practice
that can be an augmentation to any "religious belief" and as a matter
of fact can be a religious practice in and of itself.

A religious practice that centers squarely on the practicioner and his or
her's connection to the Divine Source of Life.

On the surface Reiki is merely seen as a healing form but the connection
and substance is much more than skin deep, pun intended.

Practicing Reiki has greatly enhanced my connection to MY center and to what I refer to as "God" or The Source of Life.

Reiki has helped me to maintain my emotional and spiritual composure through a difficult time of my life. Reiki has kept me smiling and kept me full of hope when everything else (or nearly everything) has gone awry.

Reiki is a wonderful spiritual gift given to Humanity at a critical time in our existence.

I hope Western thought does NOT control this gift, regulate it and crush it's blessing.

But, alas, I fear greed will fight us to the bitter end.

Word..... :-)

P.S. How does one regulate Spirituality?
How does a government regulate an individual's spiritual practice?

And should that individual pray for another, or touch another and transmit spiritual love through mere touch... that is touch NOT physical manipulation how does the government regulate that? Attempting to regulate Reiki is a like attempting to regulate a loving embrace or hug. However, can I compare the two?

Because Reiki is far less invasive than a simple hug. And if you are going to regulate Reiki which is completely non-invasive you may as regulate physical embrace called hugging 'cause far more damage could be caused to a person by hugging then than giving a Reiki touch EVER could.

Do you doubt me? Think about it ....logically.

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