01 November 2007



Be mindful of how you judge others.
When you stand in judgment of others
you are also judging yourself.


I've learned that when I judge another
as bossy, pushy or even selfish that
there are some truths in there that pertain
to me.

That perhaps my judging that person makes
me feel superior because I am not THAT.

But I've realised that to judge the others outward
act is entirely wrong for me to do.

Why? Because I am not all knowing. I do not know
that persons thought process. Perhaps they are
not of the level to understand that what they
may be doing could be harmful to another.

Judging them lowers my vibration. Instead I should
focus on myself and what I should not be doing. And if
I see in another a behaviour I do not agree with I should
make sure I am not also committing that behaviour.

I should not think negative of that person.
I should instead bless them to grow. And continue to seek
to grow myself.

Turning the intention inward and focusing on bettering myself
will set an example for others.

There is no ones behaviour I can control or change but my own.

When I choose to not live in judgment it betters my relationship
with others around me.

And of course if it is a person whose actions continuously infringe
upon my life I should simply remove myself from that situation
or relationship and continue moving forward.

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