24 December 2007

Distant Healing Network

Volunteering is very important. Giving back.

Origins of The Distant Healing Network

The-DHN was established on May 8th, 1996, by Elwin Reed RM.

The Words of Elwin Reed - RM

I took my Reiki III, ART, Karuna I and II, and finally my Reiki Master training from a local Master/Teacher (Maureen Pysklevic) who is very much a traditionalist in her approach to training. She has her Master students do a six month period of "internship" (for lack of a better word) combined with weekly mentorship sessions during that period. She "suggests" that the students take on some humanitarian endeavour relating to Reiki during the internship. This might be something like visiting a senior's home to give free Reiki, or offering your services at a centre for palliative care. I was casting about for something to take on, when the idea of putting up a Healing Request Page occurred to me.

I put up the page with the form in the Gateway pages, now at, thinking I might get a couple of requests a week that I could work on. I've forgotten the exact numbers by now, but I think there was something like two requests the first week, five the second and it continued to grow from there.

At first I enlisted the help of some of the other students at Maureen's Reiki Centre, giving them their cases by telephone. One night while browsing William Rand's website, I got the idea of e-mailing some of the people who had their names and messages posted on the Guest Page, asking them to volunteer. The first to reply was Rick Rivard. Other early volunteers were Jean Girling, Lois Hutchison and Robyn Walters.

I know I had over thirty volunteers, it may have even been over forty, before Rick took over a bunch of them and became the first Group Leader. I think it was about a year after it started that I put in place the first Case Managers. The rest, as they say, is history ...............

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