29 February 2008

Brunch on Leap Day

It's a leap year. Yeah. Whatever that means :-)

So, this morning I did so much running around. Had to run to the store in order to purchase some decent dress/casual pants for my middle son who is going on a Shabbat trip. Then I needed to rush back in order to watch my eldest son play Prometheus in a class skit.

Unbeknown to me the school changed the time of the skit and I missed it. When I arrived to the school and the principal met me he had nothing but praise for my two sons. They are pleasant, caring and well mannered. He took me to the classroom and asked the teacher to allow the students to do an encore presentation.

It was at that moment that I was reminded that all the running around and stressin out for the boys is well worth it as they make me so proud to be their mother.

I then rushed over to the market to purchase some white and yellow sweet yams. I grouped them together with a few okra and some chopped up collard greens and steamed them in my pot.

You see the photo below... that was my morning's brunch I ate around 11am today. I thinly sliced some red onion and draped over the collards with curry/masala spice and drizzled with a touch of XV olive oil. On the yams is a bit of goat feta, cayenne and a pinch of sunflower oil. And over the okra is just a dab of roasted Sesame oil.

All I can say is YUM!! And thank the Most High for such wonderful nourishment.

Steaming sounds blah to you? Try it and then sprinkle your seasoning on top. Remember to only use Celtic Sea salt.

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