07 February 2008

New Moon

We entered the New Moon phase last night. So today is the first full day of our beautiful New Moon.

The celebration of the new moon is a women's holy day in the Hebrew tradition. Rosh Chodesh as it is called. A time to rest, relax and just be. Celebrating the start of a new month.

New moon is also a good time for starting new projects, implement new goals and work towards growth in what ever endeavor you have set forth.

I believe it is very important to take time and acknowledge the cycles of our planets. Those very cycles are very much a part of your life and should be witnessed. The changing of the seasons and even night into day.

When we take time to observe change that is going on around us...the ebb and flow of life's energy it helps us to stay centered and focus on what is within.

Our body is part and parcel of the earth and what ever affects the earth also affects our body, mind and spirit.

I am thankful for the opportunity to see yet another New Moon in my lifetime here on Mother Earth.

Just for Today, I will take time to acknowledge the wonders of the passing of time. And will be that much more conscientious of how I number my days.

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