14 March 2008

Reiki: India

from Rons Bantwal
for Daijiworld Media Network � Mangalore (NR)

Mumbai, Mar 8: The GSB Sabha KCG organized a 'Reiki' programme 'Karuna Shakti Healing' by Dr Venkatesh K G Pai recently at Sri Balaji Mandir hall Kurla here.

Dr Venkatesh Pai, a Reiki grand master for the past 14 years has been imparting the knowledge of healing. He has trained around 2,500 people to learn and practice the art of healing oneself and others. He is the first Reiki master to have attained a doctorate in Reiki. He has been felicitated by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM) and awarded the 'Shiromani Award' and a gold medal.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural art of healing. It was first discovered by a theologian Dr Mikao Usui. 'Rei' means universal 'Ki' means the life force energy. There are different levels of teaching like first degree, second degree etc.

About Karuna Shakti Healing

Dr Venkatesh Pai encapsulated all his experience and discovered an advance level of Reiki called Karuna Shakti healing which gave a new dimension to healing purely based on Indian culture and beliefs. Beginners have to undergo a workshop-cum-seminar of Karuna Shakti healing.

Benefits of Karuna Shakti healing

In the advance and purest form of Reiki healing, the participants undergoing this course will attain and vibrate to the highest form of self healing. One can heal and cure oneself, the most common disorder/diseases namely diabetes, BP, sciatica, depression, stress and many other common health related problems.

As many as 27 members of GSB Sabha attended a full day workshop wherein information regarding KSH was imparted and trainees were taught to how to practice KSH . Then Karuna Shakti was infused within trainees through a process of meditation.

During the second session each member was asked to practice the healing process on his/her colleagues. Every one looked relaxed, energetic and a few even felt relief from joint pain. The overall opinion of the members was that the programme was effective, informative and satisfactory. A concluding session will be held after 21 days.

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