15 May 2008

Musings and What Nots....

The last several days I've spent in Georgia has been an interesting emotional and spiritual adventure.

I am here due to the passing of my Grandfather. Through this saddness I received the unexpected blessing of whatching my dear brother graduate from Nursing school and see him off to his dream of becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. One of just a handful of men in a class of 140 my brother who is a former US Marine graduated with honors. Yes, I am more than a little proud of him.

The first morning as we drove out from his home coiled right in the middle of the street was a copperhead snake. I told him to pick it up behind its head in the fashion of the late Steve Irwin but instead he just shooed it over to the side of the grass using a stick. Wise choice. Brought to mind my recent snake dreams.

I never thought I would say this but being in Georgia is so refreshing. There is nothing like a tall Georgia pine. Sure, there are Redwoods, but they are in a special category of their own.

Nestled at the feet of tall, I mean TALL pine trees reminds me of my deep love and appreciation of trees and the important function they play in our lives. Trees exude such a strong spiritual presence that beckon me to remember....All will be ok.

My biggest pleasure was when I discovered my first Gingko Biloba tree. I noticed this beautiful and unique tree standing alone and I intuitively knew there was something special about it. One of my brothers identified it as a Gingko tree. Immediately I felt this since of awe and appreciation for all that this tree can give us.

I wondered if the other people in the car really understand what trees mean. But it is ok if they shake their heads and sigh for this tree hugger-lover!

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