26 May 2008

Sun Baked Reiki Water

Blessings Beloved,

Would love to read about your creative ways with Reiki.

What are techniques or methods you have intuited?

I'd like to share a method that came to me...

It requires the use of a large gallon sized (at least) glass jar or bottle. No plastic ones. And either filtered water, distilled water or natural spring water. Celtic sea salt...with visible minerals in tow.

Fill up the glass containers with water and put in a pinch of Celtic sea salt.

Take the containers outside and set in the grass or in a patch of dirt. The containers are touching the ground/Mother earth. Proceed to give Reiki to the water in the container. You may want to use the SHK symbol to clear the water followed by the boosting power of the CKR symbol. My method is to say a blessing over the water. What ever the blessing is that you want to use. For example of blessing that this water will be imbued with life giving/sustaining energy to help cleanse and heal our bodies. And after the blessing use the CKR symbol to boost the power of the blessing.

Leave the water out for at least 24 to 48 hours minimum so that it can also absorb the ultraviolet rays of the Sun which will cleanse and energize the water.

I believe that the Celtic salt serves to add minerals to de-mineralized water, Sun helps to purify and energize, and Reiki gives that added boost of Life giving energy and to encourage purity to the water.

Remember that when you pour the water to drink it to be mindful of what you are doing. Having the intent to intake truly life giving water. Say a blessing of thanks for the water. This blessing does not need to be said to a god...if thats not what you believe in...The blessing can be said in thanks to Spirit... the unifying Life Force that holds the Universe, the Earth and your body together.


P.S. My children love our "Sun Baked Reiki Water" as they call it!

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