06 August 2008

Love Personified

My youngest son's favorite colour is Green.

Green is the colour of growth, renewal and love.

The heart Chakra is represented by the colour green in Western

My youngest son is a Taurus and he has green eyes.

He is fierce in all he does. He is passionate and loving.
His love is quick and his temper is quick. Yes, he tries my patience
at times.

At other times, most of the times he gives me love like no other.

He brings tons of smiles to my heart.

Today he saw an elderly gentleman playing lovely tunes on his harmonica.

He asked his eldest brother for a dollar to give to the man, his way
of saying thank you for the music. I told him that I do not think the
man takes donations. My green eyed bundle of love was adamant about it
and his loving older brother more than willing to oblige and sponsor this

So I consented.

The boy with the tosseled chestnut brown silky hair, who normally likes to moan
"I'm too shy", walked over to the gentleman and handed him the dollar bill
and thanked him for the music.

My heart chakra swelled with love and pride that I AM his Mamma.

Thank you Source of Love, Joy and Life for allowing me to be the vessel through
which this beautiful boy...soon to be beautiful man, came into the world in this life. Bless me to be open and humble enough to be the best mother he needs to help him reach his goals in this Life.


I AM so thankful for LOVE.

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