01 September 2008

Insperience I AM

Today was/is a beautifully radiant day. Slow and easy as I enjoyed, with my children, the last official (if not technically speaking) day of summer.

Sat out in the garden on my blanket and beach chair enjoying the fresh grass, bumble bees, fuschia and red zinnias still blooming while reading a good book- Tree of Life Meditation System by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

I then did some much needed dusting in the living room, dabbled with the dishes, the battle of never ending laundry and a pit stop at the local grocery store to stock up on weekly staples. See, each and every day I pack my children's lunch for school as there is no kasher lunch plan besides my homemade is healthier. ;-)

I did enjoy watching a few episodes of MONK and just a half of one of Star Trek:TNG. Gotta love those all day television series marathons.

Dinner was pulled off without a hitch. Some fresh local Romaine and Green Leaf lettuce, chopped beets, zucchini, fresh from my own little farm tomatoes and homemade salad dressing. Okay, I may as well detail the dressing: EV olive oil, hot curry powder, tamari sauce, a pinch of cane sugar, fresh lemon juice and a dash of water.

It was the soup that helped my eldest boy feel his best! For some reason today he was feeling under the weather, perhaps a little to hot in his upper bunk bed during his nap time. But after the Adzuki bean soup that I made with love for him he is feeling a bit better.

I've enjoyed the two chapters that I have read thus far from T.O.L.M. It is from this reading that I have for the first time encountered the word insperience.

How beautiful and so deeply meaningful is this word insperience which is counter to the so much sought after and Webster defined experience.

Can you feel it? Can you insperience it's meaning, it's being.

I find it profound indeed.

This word is a useful term to almost describe what happens deep within ones being. It is indeed the being still and knowing.

Generally we are all seeking to experience. We experience hot or cold. We experience relationships and going.

How oft do we consider what we insperience.

Experience can be defined and quantified, grasped and dissected.

What of insperience?

It is that infinite state of which words can not describe?

It can not be bought, traded, sold or categorized.

It is.

Be still and know that I AM...within which you may begin your insperience...after that...there are no words.


  1. Swan, Is it the inside experience, the spiritual experience? The one that we ignore due to the outside influences that bombard us daily?

  2. This is my point exactly our English language is set up to keep us focused only on the "ex"ternal and not the "in"ternal or "e"ternal for that matter.

    We have to continue to all our language to grow...even in the spiritual sense.

    The word experience by its definition of the prefix EX is something that happens on the us....

    This is why I really like this word INsperience because it really brings us to our focus on our spirit... what is going on within....because in reality....its about what happens within not without.

    So in my view... the phrase "INside EXperience" is in reality an oxymoron...contradictory terms.

    That which we feel within our souls, our spirit....within our consciousness or subconsciousness is an INsperience.

    Such as those momentary glimpse of enlightenment... where we truly feel, know, INsperience the ultimate connection and Oneness of all.

    Our souls insperience this within...Within us... not a feeling external to to us such as an experience.

    Oneness is what we are...internally, eternally....

    Yes, we are bombard daily...even from our own thoughts....

    On a daily basis we must go inward and be still and know that I AM...because it is that insperience that will keep us....

    Healthy, Wealthy and Wise ;-)

  3. I love this word... what a great way to start my day - with inner focus. I asked myself - what will I insperience today?

    Because in my mind, our inner experience creates the outer experience - so it stands to reason that we should focus first on the insperience.

  4. Yes Jenn, even if it is just 18 seconds of taking time to stop, center and breathe deeply.

    Proper breathing has a way of cleansing not only the body but also the mind.

    The going within...and within those seconds you can glimpse heaven...heaven being that peaceful centerdness of your consciousness--where in that moment you feel focused, perfect and complete.

    So it is in heaven above (our minds) thus it is on earth (our physical lives.


  5. thanks for the new word (!) and the tomatoes - they were transformed into corn salsa!