27 October 2008

There Are Times

There are times where you feel tested.

You know, the moments that you go through that you are presented with a choice in how you will respond.

Will the old tape play or will you choose to walk in the Light that you are.

It is that moment where you will show that you have actually learned and walked just a step up the spiritual evolutionary ladder.

You are better than what you had been in the past.

You are becoming, or rather I should say you are manifesting your true spiritual potential. You are being that person you can be proud of....

But what if you choose, once again, the old tape?

You choose to react. You choose to fear.

That is okay only if you choose to learn from that moment. My thoughts.

We are all on a journey. To be who we truly are....

Divine Sparks of Life, filled with LOVE being Love... being of service to others.

Yes, at times we may fall short of the mark, however in this moment only we can choose to be who we truly are....

Today I had a situation that happened to me that on one level with which I was not necessarily happy.

In that moment I chose not to gripe or to be upset. I chose not to hyperventilate or to become angry. Why? Because I know that I have also at times fallen short of the same mark.

I picked up my copy of BEING of the SUN, shortly after the episode, and here is the page that I opened to:

....each day is an opportunity to truly help mankind in your potential to relaxation & bliss. you peaceful vibrations affect everything & everyone around you.

This brought a smile to my face and reinforced my choice to just let go of the issue and not dwell on it negatively.

And yes, I was proud of myself in that moment for making a choice that I could be proud of....
And I know, pride comes before the even that too I must keep in check... not be overly attached to success or to so called failure....

It truly is all about balance.....


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