25 December 2008

Guiding Channel

Well over a year ago I began studying Chios Healing. My teacher is Connie Dohan of Ohio.

The manuals used to learn this system of healing are very well written and I applaud much kudos to Stephen H. Barrett of The Chios Institute.

Even if you think you are not interested in learning yet another method of energy healing studying and practicing what is written in these manuals will greatly enhance your practice of even Reiki healing.

You are, in my opinion, taught proper ways of approaching running energy, visualization and other techniques that are universally employed in energy healing.

Presently I am studying level 2 of Chios Healing having finished my level 1 back in September of 2007. Why has it taken me so long? Well...I was in school for Reflexology as well as studying Reiki as well as dealing with day to day life and raising three sons, two of which are teenagers.

Somewhere in my subconscious I know that what Chios Healing has to teach me will greatly benefit my practice and myself for the rest of my life so onward I plug.

Today I spent at least 2 to 3 hours reading and reviewing. Basically what I do is read into my mp3 recorder and then listen over and over again. I find this the best method I can employ to help me. It seems that before I bore children, nursed and nurtured them it was much easier for me to retain information!

I'm currently learning about channeling information. That is intuitively sensing or assessing the situation and what needs to be focused upon. Only recently have I come to have a better understanding of what it means to channel.

In the past I thought a channel was someone who was possessed by another entity. Alright, you can laugh.

Recently I come to realize that channel simply means to receive information and or of course be a channel of healing. For some reason I understood what it meant to be an open channel of Reiki healing...that which in my mind is immediately translated to mean vessel.

After studying this chapter in Chios Healing I realise that when I do distant healing sessions in Reiki I am also channeling information regarding the condition of my client.

Last month I did a distant Reiki treatment on one of the Reiki students I co-taught. During the session I sensed that there was disturbance in two of his chakras. Later he confirmed information to me coborated the information I was able to sense. Of course I am not sure how all of this works and I probably never will. Sometimes the left brain does not have to be satisfied!

Come to think of it I more recently did a distant healing session for someone in Europe. When I told her about the experience I felt with her third chakra she email responsed to me an intense dream and sensation she had that involved that same chakra. (I like to do distant Reiki while the person sleeps)

I am however interested in experiementing and growing more in this subject of channeling information and being in touch with my inner guides.

Lately I have begun to believe that the symbol of the archangel that was given to me at the time of my Reiki 1 initiation was meant to put me in touch with my archangel guide.

Could I wrap my mind around actually having an archangel as a guide?

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  1. While reading your Reiki Journey, I found myself thinking how does this woman know me? I too am a Libra, and I have the same interests as you...I am a Level II USUI Reiki and I'll be taking the Level III in March 09...
    Buddha came to me during my Level I & II attunement, he placed a pink lotus flower in my heart chakra...
    I'm interested in all forms of Reiki, IET and Crystals
    Good Luck on your path!
    Lisa F, Massachusetts