01 January 2009

Fire Serpent Symbol

In Raku Kei Reiki and in Karuna Reiki there is a Tibetan symbol used that in English is called the FIRE SERPENT Symbol.

It always seemed incongruent to me to have generally all the symbols in their native tongue but have a very powerful symbol spoken in English.

So I did some searching and discovered the Tibetan name for the symbol.

Here is the information I found.

Nin Giz Zida (See Also Fire Serpent) - A "Tibetan" symbol used in the Usui/Tibetan tradition. The Fire Serpent represents the "Sleeping Serpent" coiling at the base of the spine. The fire Serpent is used during an attunement with horizontal line over top of crown, snaking down the spine, and spiraling clockwise at base of spine; grounds energy into lower (feet to tailbone) body.

By reversing the spiral (counter-clockwise) starting at base of spine, snaking up spine and ending with horizontal line over the crown; it pushes energy up to four upper chakras. It does not allow energy to escape out of crown chakra. The fire serpent connects and opens all chakras. It opens the central channel allowing the flow of Kundalini fire. It can be used in healing or meditation for more balance and receptivity.

Wanna know something interesting? I started painting symbols that resembled the Raku/Nin Giz Zida about a year if not more before I actually learned to practice Reiki. I was obsessed with this symbol.

When I received my in person Usui Reiki/Raku Kei Master initiation this symbol was used in me. I had never seen this symbol before. Of course it was only recently (this week) as I was looking at old paintings that I noticed the resemblence. I found this Nin Giz Zida to be very powerful. Likened unto an energetic lightening bolt.

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  1. see solar scorpio kundalini motif on youtube to understand this symbol

  2. i will check it out. thanks.