19 February 2009

The Reiki Life

It has indeed been a while since I have lasted posted. Today I am brought here because of a comment left by Jill on my Intuitive Card Reading post.

I smile brightly. Thank you very much Jill for your kind and encouraging words.

Recently my son went through his bar mitzvah. The last three weeks were a bit more stressful than anticipated.

Right before that I had a major open house in my Reflexology practice which took place about a day and half after I became very ill.

Presently I am preparing to co-teach a Reiki class at the same time I am putting together a manual for my own Reiki class.

Every now and then it feels as though the world is spinning out! In order for me not to be flung off I take a breathe and place my hands on my abdomen (solar plexus) and give myself Reiki.

This is a wonderful insperience. And I must confess that this insperience had been greatly enhanced after my Kundalini Reiki attunement I received from the beautiful and talented Reiki Master Alice Langholt.

The Kundalini Reiki attunement was simple but VERY powerful.

I write all of this to share with you why my blog has been silent for over a month! Forgive me.

Once I finished with my Reiki manual things will simmer a bit...I hope :-) However, I am open wide to what ever SOURCE/SPIRIT has for me in order to enhance my walk and help me to be the person I am to be!

Once I have finished my manual I will be open to creating more Intuitve Kabbalah/AlefBet readings for those who are interested. Just drop me a line. And please have a bit of patience!

03 February 2009

Aspire Success


Abundant Success.

What is Success?

This intriguing seven letter word on so many tongues, the star in so many eyes.

I dare you to define success as anything but the ability to stare at the person in the mirror, looking him or her straight in the eyes while saying not only do I love you totally and completely but I really like you as well!

But you have to really mean what you say, no matter what is going on around you and in your life.

If that is not abundant success I do not know what is.

Can you truly say this no matter the sum total of your bank account?

May you truly have a richly awarding day, it is the only way! :-)

Here I AM

Life calls me to awaken and take her not always so gentle hand.

Here I AM, I answer, extend your hand to me and I shall hang on tight!