19 February 2009

The Reiki Life

It has indeed been a while since I have lasted posted. Today I am brought here because of a comment left by Jill on my Intuitive Card Reading post.

I smile brightly. Thank you very much Jill for your kind and encouraging words.

Recently my son went through his bar mitzvah. The last three weeks were a bit more stressful than anticipated.

Right before that I had a major open house in my Reflexology practice which took place about a day and half after I became very ill.

Presently I am preparing to co-teach a Reiki class at the same time I am putting together a manual for my own Reiki class.

Every now and then it feels as though the world is spinning out! In order for me not to be flung off I take a breathe and place my hands on my abdomen (solar plexus) and give myself Reiki.

This is a wonderful insperience. And I must confess that this insperience had been greatly enhanced after my Kundalini Reiki attunement I received from the beautiful and talented Reiki Master Alice Langholt.

The Kundalini Reiki attunement was simple but VERY powerful.

I write all of this to share with you why my blog has been silent for over a month! Forgive me.

Once I finished with my Reiki manual things will simmer a bit...I hope :-) However, I am open wide to what ever SOURCE/SPIRIT has for me in order to enhance my walk and help me to be the person I am to be!

Once I have finished my manual I will be open to creating more Intuitve Kabbalah/AlefBet readings for those who are interested. Just drop me a line. And please have a bit of patience!

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