26 March 2009

Don Beckett - Reiki Master

So for the last time out of lots of them I sent my beloved friend and Reiki teacher Don Beckett an email to find out if his publisher was sending his book to be released via and not only did he answer me but he also sent a link.

Yeah!! I am so excited about Beckett-sensei's new book. I believe that it will be a wonderful edition to anyone's growing Reiki library.

I've read the eBook edition of the book. He told me that the in print edition will have even more information.

Reiki Master Don has a wonderful clarity in his writing on the subject of Reiki. When I read his ebook I found it to be open and straight from the heart. Offering not only his opinions, thoughts and facts as he sees them and as he has discovered them.

There is something very unique and humble in his expression that has endeared him to me in a special way.

I found my Reiki teacher Don when I put forth my request to connect with a teacher who viewed Reiki as spiritual path, more than simply a physical healing modality.

Reiki is a spiritual practice for Beckett-sensei and I so much appreciate being connected with him and having him part of my energetic heritage and Reiki family tree.

I believe that his writings will inspire and enlighten you.

Don is on his way to teach Reiki in Europe and he will be in my constant prayers to be safe on his journey and that he will be blessed as he is blessing others.

Check out his website: JOHREIKI

And pre-order your copy of his book!
Reiki: The True Story: An Exploration of Usui Reiki


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