21 June 2009

Finding My....

This evening around 7pm I took the boys to the pool to get in a swim in honor
of Summer Solstice. Pool was closed. I then convinced them to get the basketball
and go to the park.

For a while I watched them play a pick up game with some other teens that came to the park.

Just sat on the grass playing my djembe and doing very light meditation/mudras in appreciation
to mother earth, LIFE, Spirit....(God)....for my blessings and this beautiful season.

I was about to leave the park when I felt compelled to take a nice walk barefoot through the grass.

Suddenly the conversation I sat in on a week ago popped into my mind.

Someone said that when Dr. Andrew Weil has his new students he takes
them on a walk in a clover field and tells everyone to go find their four leaf clover.

How elusive is that? Well, I thought to myself....or shall I say Spirit said to me....
You will find your four leaf clover. I smiled because I have NEVER found a four leaf
clover before! You know the story.

Anyway I dropped to my knees and began looking...looking and looking...

Then looked up to see who was looking at me because there were lots of
people in the park watching children's baseball games.

I looked more...probably a total of ten minutes.

I was positive without a doubt I would find one. Then I said to myself, without defeat,
I will not find one here, is this clover anyway?

I got up to leave the park but was called over to this beautiful soulmate tree.
It was a tree that spoke to me as I passed by the first time. It was two trees growing
out of one trunk.

I went over to this tree and said hello. The tree told me to look down and I will find my
four leaf clover. So, dutifully and without doubt I dropped to my knees. There I looked
not even a minute...the thought came...will I find my clover? And within seconds of that
thought there was my four leaf clover.

Can not express the joy that I felt. It was like winning the lottery!

My beautiful clover is pressed between the pages of my book... ART PSALMS by Alex Grey

Affirming on so many levels.

Hope my story inspires you!
Peace/Shalom/Om Shanti!

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