31 August 2009

Forgiving Your Shadow Self

lessons to learn...

When emotions run high sometimes no response is better than a response made in haste filtered through imbalanced thoughts.

It is better to take a moment to breathe...walk away and ground.

Perhaps you misunderstood the message given...if you respond without clarity of mind you are apt to say something out of pure ungrounded emotion...something hurtful something regretful.

What can you do?

Sincerely search your heart...ask for forgiveness from the loved one that you hurt and trust that the space is there to forgive and release.

And next time take a moment to breathe.

Humans are complex creatures mixed with Light and Dark....but the shadow self does not have to have the upper footing.

20 August 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Spent the last two months eating blueberries, blackberries and walnuts just about EVERY morning for breakfast!!

The results have been amazing. Low calorie high nutrient content has left me feeling very satisfied and energetic! Lots more energy. And very good digestion.

A few weeks back I decided I could no longer continue to do this! It took me nearly half an hour to down my big bowl!! That was about half cup of each item. All of that chewing I thought was for the bears! So recently I decided to make smoothies. Sipping them was much easier plus my teeth and lips would not be a deep blue!!

Voila!! What you see above is the finish product. Today I decided to stick with just the Wild Maine blueberries!! So it is half cup of walnuts that first I pureed in the blender with half cup water. Then I added one date (remove the seed first!). I added one full cup blueberries and one teaspoon raw honey.

Set blender to puree for at least one minute. Then I added one 11g scoop of fibre mix that has ground flaxseed, ground oat bran and ground acacia. And the one teaspoon of super green powder. Oh and 1 cup of water.

Puree. Grate. Puree. Puree.

All I can say is YUM...for the tummy and for the health. Smoothies are much better ways to get those nutrients in and its very satisfying.