07 November 2011

On the Reiki journey

The practice of Usui Reiki has been a journey of great spiritual growth and synchronicity.

Interestingly enough with spiritual growth sometimes comes mountains and valleys that must be traversed.

The mountains maybe high, really high and the valleys can be surprisingly low.

That pretty much sums up nearly the last two years of my life.

Suffice it to say there were lots of lessons for me to learn.

I will sum up those lessons as succinctly as possible. I am a woman of many words once I get rolling.


Trust that ancient and deep wisdom within you.
Take care of yourself before you take care of others.
Be true to yourself in all ways, a little compromise goes a long way.
Have as much compassion for yourself as you have for others.

How was that for brevity?

I give thanks for the lessons learned. For the ways in which I was stretched because I know that it will serve to make me a better and more mindful person and also give me the tools to be there for another in need from a similar situation.

Along with family and good friends Reiki practice was what sustained me.

Just for today....

How many times did that mantra float from my lips or I grasped and held on to it in my heart.

Do not anger

In Buddhism we are taught that anger is like hot coals we attempt to hold on to as they burn our hands.

Do not worry

Yes. I know. Easier said than done. But each and everyday I repeated that one especially. Did it stop me from worrying? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But I did not give up repeating in my mind, in my dreams and even writing it down.

Be humble

I took this precept with ultimate care. I had gratitude and counted my blessings. Very appreciative of landing on my feet, of internal strength, of supportive friends and of the judicial system. Especially thankful for good health and a good will.

Being humble to me went hand in hand with being thankful.

Be honest in your work

I interpret this one to mean that I should becareful with my thoughts. Not to wish ill on the person who so deeply offended me.
I walked mindfully and gingerly in my thoughts. Careful to not to wish ill will.  That was not difficult but it was very trying.

When you feel as though you have been so betrayed by one in whom you put your trust it can be pretty easy to have hateful thoughts towards that person. And it can be exacting work to guard your thoughts and reaction less you become the same.

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

When you weep when you feel you should be strong take it easy on yourself. When you feel that you should be over it already yet you find yourself breaking down for a moment wiped the tears away and breathe. Do not beat yourself up.

Let go of the pain. Forgive the other. You do not need to forget but it is best to let go.

You know better you do better. That saying is for both actors in the drama.

That is compassion.  Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be compromised. Forgive the one who hurt you so that you can heal. And you release that person so s/he too can possibly open eyes to compassion, healing and spiritual growth.

Do not have hate for the one who you feel harmed you. That person is still asleep.

Yes. This is how my reiki practice helped me through a most difficult period.

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