07 January 2012

Buddha Eyes

Here is an excerpt from my recent assignment for class. This was written after reading the book Shakyamuni Buddha: A Narrative Biography

My eldest son went for a half hour walk this evening. Upon returning he told me that he thought there should be a law that people should be required to turn off all lights and go outside to enjoy the night sky. He feels that doing so would help people to expand their minds.

Siddhartha was determine to follow his souls desire to become a monk however the birth of his son was an obstacle. Even family attachments were not enough to hold him back. As a mother I find this very difficult. I would have to wait until my children were of legal age before I felt I could completely devote myself to my own goals. Buddha paid dearly by leaving his family behind but the reward was so great and has benefited so many. His goal was not personal it was for the benefit of all. Even so I am not sure if I could do the same. Because of what the historical Buddha did by renouncing his family and life in order to pursue enlightenment we do not need to do the same. He walked before us.

“We have inherited instead an obligation to lead active and productive lives as lay people. We must, however, practice a psychological renunciation;…” pg. 29-30

For me this psychological renunciation is the journey, it is the path.

The Buddha realized that he was not going to be able to find enlightenment merely through following his teacher. He realized that by meditating and going within he could find the answers.

“He realized that he could attain enlightenment only through his own practice and meditation.” Pg. 31

It’s a lot of work but no one can do it for me. We can only do our own practice and meditation. It is not handed to us we must doing our work with faith and we will attain Buddhahood as well.

Each day being aware of the temptations of Mara will bring us a step closer to being able to see clearly with Right View and act with Right Action.

To be able to look at the world through Buddha eyes will be like Heaven. To be able to see everyone as they truly are bathed in glory and brilliance would be something wonderful indeed.

I know even now that I will have to practice lovingkindness and compassion with myself. It is not always easy!

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