01 January 2012

Happy New Year & Year of The Dragon

Reiki Blessings, Grace and Peace,

May such lovely blessings follow you through this year of 2012 on our modern Gregorian calendar.

Where is my Reiki practice taking me today?

Just for Today

I will not worry and I will not anger. I will breathe as I continue to walk down the path of being a mother to three teenagers and a toddler mind you. ;-)

The toddler is the easiest one. He is defiant but does not talk back! Yes, even he acts as though he knows it all!!

I've never been a mother of teenagers before, if I have in a previous life it doesn't matter because I do not remember anyway.

It is nerve wracking, frustrating and emotional. However, overall my boys are very good young men. They make good grades and hang out with decent peers.

Its the learners permit for driving. Its the occasional rolling of the eyes. Its the constant need to have the last word.

Just for today I shall remember to breathe.

Gam zeh ya'vor. That is Hebrew for this too shall pass.

May you soar with the Dragon. Be strong and know your power and use it for good. May your tongue be steady and only sharp when absolutely needed.

I am posting a link to the Dharma Talk given this morning by my Sensei the Rev. Koyo Kubose of Bright Dawn Center for Oneness Buddhism where I am in a 2 year lay minister program.

Enjoy this Dharma Talk.

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