01 July 2012

What Does Shakyamuni Buddha Ask of Us

Shakyamuni Buddha does not ask people to never experience suffering, affliction or craving. 

He does ask us to open our eyes to the reality of Life, the world in which we live and all the ups and downs that we experience, realize the impermanence of it all and how it does not and should not define us or lead us emotionally. 

He asks that we open our eyes and rise above the seeming chaos, harness the energy to use it to truly live meaningful lives.

The cultivation of the path can lead us to perfect peace. 

Peace first with ourselves and then peace with others.
When we awaken to the truth, truly awaken to the truth of life we will no longer wallow in grief. 

And should we for a moment, wallow in grief, we will forgive ourselves and let it go.

When we awaken to the Truth of Life we will learn to accept and live Life as it truly is. We will then have arrived at perfect Peace.

We may still have disappointment. We may still have sadness. 

We will experience emotion and simple except it, learn from it and let it go. 

We are then no longer living from a foundation of reaction and thus no longer creating negative Karma.

That in my opinion is Enlightenment.

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