20 December 2012

Awaken, Unity and Love

What is the duty of a Lightworker, a healer, a minister, a seeker, a mystic, poet....?
"It is our duty to serve as messengers and guides for world peace and universal brotherhood. In order to accomplish that great task, we must: 
Be enlightened to the true nature of the the universe.
Reside in God's heart.
See the enter world as God's living form.
Learn the teachings of the divine.
Make the divine manifest in human affairs.

That is to say, in our mission we are to be like a sword of the spirit cutting to the heart of things."  The Heart of Aikido: THE PHILOSOPHY OF TAKEMUSU AIKI by Morihei Ueshiba; translated by John Stevens
Substitute "God" with SOURCE OF LIFE, Creative Principle, LIFE...whatever floats your boat. Words are just words it is the intention behind them. God is word often misused, abused and has so many negative connotations.  But you get the point right?

 (c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

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