30 December 2013

16 December 2013

Cold Full Moon December

Cold Full Moon.
Full Moon of Long Nights....

Long nights are to be embraced. They cause us to still and go within.
Directly to our center where stillness speaks with a gentle strength.

Energy becomes charged up and ready to burst forth.
Powerful and Power filled impetus for new journeys and new paths.

Soak up this power. Rest in it. Reside and recline in the coolness of its glory.

Enjoy this full moon and enjoy its power and its rest. Rest in its cool long night without fret. There for when the new arrives you will be ready to embrace it and have the confidence to step forth on the new path.

Blessed Full Moon another sign to remind us to keep going.

P.S. Enjoy some Moon Salutations!

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04 December 2013

Greetings Cards by Tamu Ngina

Support independent artists.
Handmade, blank inside greeting cards for all occasions.
Birth. Wedding. Sympathy, Graduation. Mothers & Fathers Day. Holiday.
5 x 7 off white cards. All cards are hand signed and suitable for framing.
All photography by Tamu Ngina. 
If you have any questions regarding individual photography please use contact form.

Individual cards $3USD
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 Each card is individually number. To order use contact form
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You do not need a Paypal account but it is a private way to pay for purchases while protecting your card info.

If you have any questions please use form to contact me. Enjoy!


Notes regarding cards.
#6 is a purple crocus although it may appear blue on your monitor. It is a lovely deep purple.
#18 two black swans photo taken in Australia.
#19 two crows in tree
#28 Maine

Handmade, blank inside greeting cards for all occasions.
Birth. Wedding. Sympathy, Graduation. Mothers & Fathers Day. Holiday.
5 x 7 off white cards. All cards are hand signed and suitable for framing.
All photography by Tamu Ngina. 

Individual cards $3USD
4 cards to a set $10USD
Shipping for any size order $5USD

 Each card is individually number. To order use contact form
on right side of page. Send your name, email address and the specific number cards
you would like to purchase. You will receive a Paypal invoice with total. 
You do not need a Paypal account but it is a private way to pay for purchases while protecting your card info.

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05 November 2013

Lost and Found

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for 

myself and found only God.” ― Rumi

02 November 2013


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04 October 2013

new moon october

there is profound darkness all around us.

and she beckons us to welcome her embrace.

only in that darkness will you have the space to
realize and actualize your potential.

step into the darkness and allow it to birth your potential.

Happy New Moon!!!

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11 September 2013

Keep Going, In Peace


Peace, Love And Happiness #2by ~RebelRevolution1997

Life demands that we continue, keep going...focus on the good in our lives...magnify that (gratitude)....we can not look to the past...it is with us everyday but the present moment is what we must cultivate and be aware of...and if we do then there is no sorrow.

We can honor our ancestors, our loved ones and all those who have gone before us in this present moment.

Creating peace with in (through gratitude and compassion for self and others) and giving it sharing it with others that is the only way to honor those who have gone before us. 

It is only as easy as we allow it to be...the key is simply one step, one moment, one day at a time. 

Just for today.... I honor my ancestors, I honor myself and I honor you Beloved.

Although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way...Peace must first be developed within an individual. And I believe that love, compassion, and altruism are the fundamental basis for peace. 

Once these qualities are developed within an individual, he or she is then able to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. This atmosphere can be expanded and extended from the individual to his family, from the family to the community and eventually to the whole world.--The Dalai Lama, in his Foreword to Thich Nhat Hanh's "Peace is Every Step."

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05 September 2013

New Moon September 2013

Shifting into the new moon. New moon in Virgo. Shifting into alignment. Taking all of your lessons and experiences that have brought you to this moment. Stepping out on the rest of your journey. Do not worry about the destination only that you keep going. Have faith and trust that the Universe/Source/God will deliver to you exactly what you  need. But you must show up and take your place in the cosmic/conscious and present order of things. You may see the path shrouded in a fog but with each step you will see clear ground.

What will you plant and put forth for the waxing of the present month? Breathe and step out, greatness is all within you.

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28 August 2013

Back Again

As I was writing in my journal this evening I thought I would share.

Not the entire entry because that is a bit too voyeuristic.

Just a piece. Once piece that I felt may be particularly edifying. Enjoy.

Breathe in deeply. Breathing brings in that breath of energy which enlivens us and keeps us bold. 
Step one and two and back again. 
Everyday is a good day.
The moon waxes and wanes. The sun rises and sets.
We start as buds to bloom to whither and back again. 
Everyday is a good day. 
The baby smiles. The old woman remembers. 
Love. Compassion. One. All else is commentary.

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16 August 2013

The Making of a Minister

Well, it is Friday night. A nice, calm, cool August night. What a lovely week I had. As a bodywork therapist I am privileged to be a witness for other people on their journey to relaxing, healing and returning to their center within.

As a minister I get to be a witness on a whole new level. When someone has spent their entire life on their spiritual journey and one day they wake up and decide they are ready to be in service to other's on their journey they may choose to become ordained as a Spiritual Minister as I did.

This past week I had the honor to perform, witness and join in to bless one such woman on her journey. What a wonderful ceremony it was. Cheryl wrote her spiritual biography detailing her personal spiritual path and how she has enhanced her spiritual education and also explained how becoming a minister would fit on her path. This spiritual biography was submitted to Rev. Katia Romanoff of the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc., in order to request ordination and recognition as an independent Spiritual
(healing) Minister.

She crafted her personal affirmation using verses from the Christian bible as her guide posts. She also crafted beautiful spiritual prose that she asked her guest to recite on her behalf. The resulting ordination ceremony was very personal, very specially and sacred.

Allow me to introduce Rev. Cheryl Ann Peckham a newly ordained Spiritual Healing Minister. Rev. Cheryl specializes in Aromatherapy and Reiki healing. She is also can work wonders in Microsoft Office. ;-)

Bright blessings to Rev. Cheryl Ann on her journey in this life. May she continue to seek her center within. May her hands be strong, yet gentle and may they bring healing to herself first and to others. May her hands manifest her multitudes of talents into this realm.

Thank you to Rev. Katia Romanoff of Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. and the Esoteric Theological Seminary
and to Rev. Cheryl Ann Peckham.

Step into YOUR glory!

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09 August 2013

Gestation Period

Today is an auspicious day. One of my spiritual sisters confirms me on my path. She tells me we are in the 8th month which represents infinity and the ninth day which represents the birthing process. Today I took my independent ministry charter paper to the local notary to have it notarized as I signed my name.

In a way he was witnessing me accepting the first official official step on my journey, or shall I say the next step on my journey.

As time moves I am honing in one what my passion and purpose is. The direction I want my ministry to go. Signing my charters papers and having it officially witnessed confirms me on my path. The next nine months will be months of seeking Truth, deep personal and Universal Truths as I endeavor to give birth to my ministry and protocol for An Esoteric Journey To Self.

I will be spending the next 9 months truly focusing on my journey and bringing to Life and Light my gifts. Gifts which I look forward to sharing with others.

Learning more deeply to let go. Let go of that which does not serve me for my highest good and highest purpose. Letting go of fears and tears and all of that. Loving myself truly, madly and deeply. Only when I am able to do all of the above will I be able to truly manifest my portion of Truth.

Brightest Blessings.

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21 July 2013

good kid, bad kid

true confession:

when i was in 9th grade, circa 1984-85,  i found a can of mace in the crawl space beneath my house. i had a concept of what mace was for but i did not really understand. i was 14 at the time. i took the can to school and sprayed it into my desk where i was sitting.

not smart, grant, but i was a teenager.

of course the whiff of aerosol mace came into my face i started coughing. i excused myself to the restroom. when i came back the ENTIRE class was coughing. NO one knew save for the boy sitting next to me. he complained to the principal. next thing i know the vice principal wanted to search my locker.

she said to me, "gina, now, i am surprised. you are such a good kid". moral of the story, "good kids" make silly mistakes. a teenagers brain, no matter how big their body may look or how long they have been in puberty they are still just a kid. and though they should be held responsible for their actions, the repercussions to their actions should be dealt with wisely and in light of their age what is appropriate for their age, a teenager is a child not an adult. psychology affirms that a person's brain does not fully mature until they are at least 24-25 years old.

and what makes one child good another child bad?? in my view there is no such thing as a good child or a bad child. a good teenager or a bad teenager is simply one that has been afforded concern, love and compassion from a good stable adult to guide them.

i made a silly and immature choice to bring the can of mace to school. i honestly did not really understand why my actions, before i did it, was wrong.  of course afterwards i learned that mace is not something to play around with.

i wonder if i had been a 14 year old in today's world and having brought mace to school and sprayed it in my desk....would i have been expelled or suspended from school?

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19 July 2013

Thousand year old toilets

Not much is going on with me. My eldest son as has been away at University for exactly one month and I have survived his absence. We speak often and he is doing very well.

Summer has been very hot these past few weeks. I have a working AC that I only bring out unless desperately need it and it is close to 90 degrees in my home. So I am very thankful for the AC and not complaining.

Currently I am facility a class for Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism lay minister course. The class is Mahayana Buddhism. The first class went very well. Second time around and I am picking up more now than when I went through the course myself.

We are in week five of the Compassion Course that I am participating in and is being taught by Thom Bond of www.CompassionCourse.net .

And on a very personal tip I am currently reading, or shall I say re-reading, DHARMA DRUM: the life and heart of chan practice by Chan Master Sheng Yen.

Chan is the Chinese and original way to say Zen.

Here is a quote from page 199.

"Ignorance and obscurity have accumulated in us, turning our minds into thousand year old toilets. The greed, hatred and ignorance in them are foul. Beginning to cultivate is like opening this toilet and exposing it to the sun and wind. At the start, it is foul, but eventually the smell will naturally disperse. Do not wish for the toilet to be clean at the very beginning."  Chan Master Sheng Yen
Do not wish for the toilet to be clean at the very beginning. This really strikes me.

When we start off on our spiritual path or even when we make a new direction and grow deeper we sometimes my feel a little distressed that we are not where we wish, think or feel that we should be. We look at those around us, those that we may feel are farther along on the path and we may desire to be like them. Seemingly perfect on the outside. Or other's may project their own expectations on to you. But Master Yen tells us not to expect to be perfect and spotless at the start.

For now I am really absorbing this statement, this subtle yet profound request.

What does it really mean for me and my walk?

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26 May 2013

Keep Going: The Journey Continues

One weekend ago today two years of Dharma study came to a close in order to begin the next step. Along with five other fellow classmates I was inducted as a Bright Dawn - Buddhist Lay Minister. The journey was and continues to be a beautiful one. 

I learned so much and grew in ways I did imagine. So thankful for the process and the invaluable knowledge  gleaned and on some levels a small amount of wisdom I have attained. Yes, I am not the same person who first began that Lay Minister course back in August 2010. In  December that year I took leave of the course because of life situation only to return to it the follow August of 2011.

Congratulations to all of my classmates.

Visit to more about Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism

13 May 2013

Dr. Lorraine Day 10 Step Natural Health Plan Summarized

10 Step Natural Health Plan
  1. Proper Nutrition: Diet of vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, and seeds.  3 meals a day of natural, unprocessed food and fresh vegetable juices.
  2. Exercise at least 4 hours a week
  3. Drink enough Water
  4. Get adequate amount of Sunlight
  5. Get Fresh Air every day
  6. Temperance: eliminate the following: caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, alcohol, food dyes, food chemicals, processed food, drugs (including pharmaceutical drugs)
  7. Get Proper Rest at proper time of night.
  8. De-stress: Trust in something higher
  9. Have an Attitude of Gratitude: Be thankful for what you have.  Have an upbeat, positive spirit.
  10. Have a Spirit of Benevolence:  Quit focusing on your own problems and start focusing on caring for others.  Eliminate every negative thought you have.
 Above is the 10 Step plan by Dr. Lorraine Day and summarized by Jamie Falahee

Give Thanks!!

04 April 2013

The Complete I Ching by Alfred Huang

03 April 2013

Socrates says....

Socrates believed that the wise person would instinctively lead a frugal life. He himself would not even wear shoes; yet he constantly fell under the spell of the marketplace and would go there often to look at all the wares on display. When one of his friends asked why, Socrates said, "I love to go there and discover how many things I am perfectly happy without."

11 March 2013

New Moon in Pisces

 New moon in Pisces. Are you ready to take your leap of faith? Trust in yourself that you can accomplish what ever your mission is in life. Go for it. Go for your dream. Step out in faith and trust that you have all within you to fulfill your task. There is a purpose in life that only you can fulfill. Acknowledge that nagging voice that has been gently nudging you forward.

The New Moon energies are there to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize you. The moon is hidden encouraging you to go deep within the recess of your own heart and soul so that you can hear and respond to the still small voice of Spirit.

What can you do with the new moon energy? Just do it!

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05 March 2013

Thank you, Moon

Bright Dawn Sangha: Live Dharma Sunday, hosted this week by Sayo Sensei
Dharma Glimpse by Tamu Hoyo Ngina 3.3.2013

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