07 February 2014

Esoteric vs Exoteric

Esoteric means "within" and refers to the unseen energies and forces available to our spiritual evolution. It is also called the still, small voice within.

Exoteric, by contrast, means "from without"-- often expressed as institutional doctrine and dogma.

*Sancta Sophia

There is a deep wellspring of knowledge/wisdom that is born within each and every one of us. Some of us are older or younger souls having lived many life times in various forms yet presently in human form.

We come into this world being close to the Source of Life but as we  age and are conditioned by our parents, friends and society we generally tend to shut down or suppress that inherent connection with the Oneness of Life.

Deep breath work and meditation are ways to open and re-established our connection to our center within and allow us direct communication with Source.

It is an esoteric journey, and esoteric path within the very core of our soul's heart, our own Self. A peeling away of conditioning so that we may hear the faint call of the small voice within refining our keen hearing so that it is a loud or normal voice that guides our soul to its authentic expression.

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