12 September 2014

Gratitude in Letting Go

"The only thing to do in the course of cultivation is to keep moving forward. Like a rocket shooting into the sky, we must keep discarding sections until there is nothing more to let go of. And when there is nothing in the mind, then let go of it. Let go even of letting go." 
 Dharma Drum: the life and heart of chan practice 
We all have lessons that we have come into this life to learn. My lesson in this life seems to be a constant process of letting go.  

Letting go for me has been a step by step process. Sometimes the layers come off like an onion sometimes they come off like garlic skin. Through joys and tears it happens. It has caused me to stretch in ways I never knew was possible.

Carrying pain, burdens, guilt, shame or anything other than what is in the moment can weigh you down like a 5 ton weight, literally. 

The inability to let go will manifest itself by digestion issues, it can manifest by acne or manifest itself through muscles tightening all over you body which may show itself as headaches, neck aches or back pain.

Methods of letting go.

Taking at least 5 to 10 minutes in meditation each morning. Set your intention as to what you desire to focus on that day. If there is a situation you are desiring to let go of focus on what in that situation you are grateful for. Once you isolate the items you are grateful for then when ever that situation pops into you mind immediately direct your attention to what you are grateful for.

Focusing on gratitude makes it easier to let go. Try it for at least 3 weeks and see what happens.

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