03 February 2015


Today is the full moon, Snow Moon. It is a time of coming into the fullness of energy. Projects, missions started around this time are charged with full momentum.

We are also currently in the heart of winter thus of course the name Snow Moon is quite appropriate. During these winter months it is a time of hibernation, of slowing down, of gathering and reserving one's strength. It is also a time for planning. Planning crops and plantings for the spring.

It is also a good time to survey your life, your objectives and goals. A good time to recharge and send forth energy for whatever it is you plan to undertake. A good time to open yourself to positive energy and strength from the Source of Life.

A wonderful way to mark the passage of time, a new step in life or even observing the Full or New Moon is ritual.

Last night I performed ritual for the Full Mooon and I plan to again tonight. My rituals usually involve crystal mandala meditation and drumming. I opted to not share photos of the actual crystal mandala for the ritual as these are private events and intended either for self or those who are intended to be present. I do plan to share with you my method and reasoning for creating crystal mandalas in future posts so please stay tuned.

The full moon is a time of great energy. So what ever it is you are planning or taking on dedicate yourself for a positive outcome using the time of the full moon.

Rituals can be as simple as a short pause and meditation or prayer. Rituals can be as elaborate as a ceremony and meal including other people. Rituals, in my opinion, are important aspects of life. They remind us to be present and to consider what lies behind us, ahead of us and within us. Rituals help to focus our energy and take our lives to the next step. What ever that step is for you. Whether it is marriage, a baptism, a confirmation or bringing a new baby home or starting a new job.

Rituals enhance your life and strengthen your resolve.

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