18 October 2016

Paula Michal-Johnson, Jikiden Reiki Shihan

If we are so lucky, so blessed, so deemed worthy (perhaps through the merit of our ancestors) we are able in this present Life to be touched by someone so special that they help form the foundation for the next step of our evolution.

In 2007 I put it out to the Universe that I wanted to meet a Reiki Master Teacher who would train me as such. But not just any teacher, but a teacher who truly understood the heart of Reki. One who embodied Love and Compassion and who was dedicated to helping others.

I met such a woman as I was leaving my doctors office.

This little voice that sound so giddy and happy was explaining to those around her that she had just left hospice where she had given Reiki to several patients. I heard HOSPICE and REIKI and my ears were perked.  Turning around and looking for the origins of the voice I looked and saw this amazing woman, small in stature but giant in presence. Her name, Paula Michal-Johnson​. I was EXCITED because I knew she was the answer to my request.

I went over and introduced myself to this amazing spirit of a woman and asked if she taught Reiki and if I could learn with her. From there began a warm mentor-ship. We shared the same birthday month, hers October 7th and mine October 8th and a shared love of Quan Yin/ Kannon.

In December of 2007 I took my Reiki Master Teacher class with this amazing woman. And in January of 2008 I asked her if I could apprentice with her. I did for a year. Helping teaching various classes on all levels of Reiki.

She was a cool, energetic and awesome person. She taught and inspired me in my energy healing practice. I believe we inspired each other. When I became friends with Frank Arjava Petter​ on Facebook inviting him to come teach classes in the Philly area.  I knew that Paula had taken classes with him and asked her permission that if I invited him that she would make all the arrangements. She did an amazing job. She later became a Jikiden Shihan and taught others in this lineage. She never ceased to amaze me. I aspire to be like her.

Even though life made me busy again with a little one, Paula was always dear in my heart. And so important to the foundation of my practice.

It was with great sadness and extreme shock that I learned of my dear Teacher/Mentors passing this past Friday.

Paula Michal-Johnson THANK YOU for all you have gifted me. I promise to not let you down in my journey. I still have my small Shiva  seed stone that you gifted me when I co-taught the Reiki Master Class with you from which I graduated my apprentice-ship with you. Every day it reminds me to nurture my potential. Thank you Paula. With great sadness I say goodbye to you in this life. I love you.

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