06 March 2018

Shamanic Drumming

Although I grew up surrounded by the sounds of drums I never personally drummed. My fondest memories of my childhood around Lake Michigan was hearing the Congo players jamming on the shore in the summer time. As a young teen I remember enjoying African dance class that I would attend with my Auntie and my Mother. 

Twelve years ago, as an adult raising my own children, I came home one day to my townhouse and heard the sound of African drums being played next door. I was so excited. I knocked on the door and asked my neighbor where the drumming sound was coming from. My Italian American neighbor assumed I was upset and that her Puerto Rican husband was playing the drums too loud! I assured her, "No, No! I love the sounds of the drums, it reminds me of my childhood. What is that drum he is playing?" I was told it was a Djembe and I knew I had to obtain one and start drumming myself.

So I went on eBay to find an affordable drum.

When she arrived I was so elated. Immediately, I lit my candle and incense and I dimmed the lights, actually, NO lights! And I began drumming. I had no idea what I was doing but I opened myself to allow Spirit to lead. And as I drummed for the first time I began to slip into trance.

And so began my personal love affair with drums.

Now I own many types of drums. Frame drums, djembe, doumbek and others. These drums I use to connect with Mother Earth, to connect with my heartbeat, to connect with inner worlds and to help others find their inner path. The vibration of the drum entrains both our heart beat and our brainwaves to the rhythm of Mother Earth. The drum is healing. The drum invites us to trance to inner worlds.

The drum invites you to find your own rhythm, your own beat. I did not have any other teacher but my drum. You have everything you need within your to open up to your vulnerable spaces and places. And through connecting with your inner self you will begin the path work of transformation. From the caterpillar to pupa to butterfly.

Drumming is the beginning process of inner transformation, a transformation of consciousness and from there an integration of personal work to thus transform your outer life.

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

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