06 September 2018

Tarot - Oracle- Divination Readings

Spiritual Services

Esoteric Spiritual Counseling 

Need help in your life to release, renew and Live the Life you feel led to enjoy? Have a pressing issue and need spiritual counseling? Are you looking for assistance in creating the foundation for your spiritual practice? Need help in creating a personal altar?

All Session Payments can be made via https://www.paypal.me/TamuNgina Simply type in amount and session type. Amazon Gift card sent to email address below. Once session has been paid for please email PriestessHeart108 @gmail.com to set up appointment. Thank you.

Personal Spiritual Practice & Altar: Introduction session on how to set up a spiritual practice and personal altar that caters to your personal needs. Includes a divination utilizing Tarot/Oracle/IChing session, discussion and recommendations. This one hour counseling session can be done via video chat or phone call. $125USD

General Divination Session:
General divination session to ascertain the energies and message Spirit/Life has for you at this time. This session I use a Tarot/Oracle/IChing at my discretion and will send a complete write up via email PDF format. Includes half hour session to discuss reading via telephone or video chat. $95USD

Divination Session:
1 card reading $15USD
2 card reading $25USD
3 card reading $35USD
Seeking inspiration? Energetic direction? General divination session Tarot/Oracle/IChing at my discretion. Turn around is within 24 hours. Write up sent via email using PDF format.

I Ching (The Book of Changes) Divination Session:
In this divination session the ancient Chinese Oracle of the I Ching (The Book of Changes) and its 64 Hexagrams is consulted. The ancient method of Yarrow Stalks when consulting the oracle while meditating upon your question.

Please send in your question in the form of:
What do I need to understand about…?
What is the best way to approach...?

A full write up is sent via email in a PDF format. $75USD

All Session Payments can be made via https://www.paypal.me/TamuNgina 
Simply type in amount and session type. Amazon Gift card sent email address below. Once session has been paid for please email PriestessHeart108 @gmail.com to set up appointment. Thank you.

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