02 October 2018

Compassion, Love & Trust

“The whole world is a narrow bridge, and the essential thing is not to fear at all.”

My birthday is coming soon! I look forward to celebrating one more Solar year return. As I am getting nearer to ending my first 4 decades on this planet more and more it is evident to me that the journey of Life can not be traversed in black and white.

Nay, there are not merely varying shades of gray but all colours of the rainbow. Human beings are so complex. We are brave and strong and just as frail, insecure and fraught with nuances so complex they boggle the mind.

I'm learning more and more the answer to our existence is not in attempting to fix anything or anyone but to strive for more compassion, love and trust.

If we are unable to have compassion, love or trust for our Self we are unable to have it for anyone else.

This year my birthday wish/intention is to have greater compassion, love and trust of my Self. And I fully believe this intentional act will cause me to have greater trust, love and compassion for you.

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

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