05 January 2019

New Moon Capricorn Tarot Card

New moon in Capricorn——
Two of Pentacles, The Nocturne: 2 of Orbs, 2 of Disks
RWS - Spirit Keeper’s Tarot - Thot
Life will continuously ebb and flow , constant change abounds. The key to not losing balance is focus... the sort of focus that leads to self-discipline.
Become realigned and in tune with the changing energies of the cosmos and of the earth and take that focus inward for greatest opportunity for growth during transitional times.
Honor the need to balance your own needs, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Self-discipline is key! Honor Self.
Even when situations feel dark or emotional stay focused. Manage your time and energy.
Capricorn element is Earth. A solid and grounding energy. Nurturing and loving energy. Being close to nature is very important at this time and will assist with personal balance.
Release any resistance to sitting in silence and looking within.
Release any resistance to love, to self-discipline, to abundance.

(c) Tamu Ngina, All Rights Reserved.

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