18 September 2007

Barnacle Crystal

The other day I was at the local Mind, Body & Spirit expo put on by a local Metaphysical Church.

I walked past a booth where I had in my mind to look for crystals originating in Arkansas.

Well, the owner and two other guys were blocking the walk way so I said excuse me.

The owner said thats ok just shove us by if we are in the way.

Well, I wasn't sure if I was being rude or if he thought I was being rude so I replied very kindly I am sorry I did say excuse me.

I looked around but didn't see any crystals that were small or in the price range I needed so I left.

As I stood in the walk way a gentleman walked up to me and said here...this is for you I hope I didn't offend you.

He put a small crystal point (but nice size) in my hand that had barnacles on it. He told me it was an Arkansas crystal as a gift.

I told him no, he did not offend me and thank you for the point that was very kind.

Barnacle crystals
are old soul crystals and the barnacles are younger crystals attracted to the wisdom of the old soul crystal.

Again, thank you dear one for the lovely gift!

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