17 September 2007

Life Choice Forgiveness Growth

Life sometimes
carries us down
roads we never expected....

sometimes we are presented
with choices....and we can do
nothing but make the best
choice we can in that moment.

sometimes we make choices
that are full of goodness and positivity....

sometimes we make choices
that in hindsight were not the best
choices, but they were the choices
we made with the knowledge given
and the circumstances presented.

every choice has both positive
and negative consequences.

choices that enhance one life
choices that subtract from another

what happens when you make a choice
and later realise that the information you
were given was doctored? was untrue?

you accept the fact that you made the best
choice you could at the know in your

all you can do is accept your choice
make peace with yourself and move forward.
The New Year, according to the Jewish calendar,
has dawned. A new year and a new space.

Asking forgiveness....
To any I have offended, knowingly and unknowingly
please accept my apology.

Surface value is merely superficial...and we know not
another's heart, only the One knows...and to us
in this life, all is veiled...for a time being.

Circumstances are not always as they seem.

On Forgiveness....

Forgiveness does not mean acceptance or approval.
Forgiveness means letting go of anger and desire
for revenge.

When you forgive someone that has hurt you it does not
mean you have to now speak to them as if nothing happened
or that you have to embrace them when you see them.

You have simple let go of the pain and you have moved forward.

They are neutral in your eyes--in all ways.

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