03 December 2007

A Reiki Path Of Service

It is my belief that one should always be open to the current and flow of Life. Even through trying times we must try to hold on to the belief that something good will come out of what ever trials we are going through.

Holding to the Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki really can lend towards a greater awareness, appreciation and syncronicity of life.

Just for not worry

Just for not anger

Just for today....honor your parents,
teachers and elders

Just for today....earn your living honestly

Just for gratitude to everything
In keeping with this (my) Reiki spiritual philosophy I'd like to show gratitude towards those who have gently (and sometimes not so gently) pushed me towards my Reiki calling and I'd like to thank my Reiki teachers along the way.

My mother, Toni, for being my number one cheerleader, support and constant source of unconditional love. To my brother, Damien, for living his gift of healing in a quiet manner and being committed to the path of service...first to his family and now to the community.

For Alan S. B., MD., for not only twice making the statement that Reiki was definitely for me but for also being the vehicle which delivered that not so pleasant wake up call (and forceful impetus) that assisted me in my spiritual journey by reminding me of who I am and where I really need to be.

For Lady Rachel Evanofsky for giving my first empowerment and encouraging me to self-heal each day.

For Arnie Hagerty for being one of my first teachers and for Diane Griffin for the several sessions of guidance and empowerment and initiation into Second Degree Reiki.

I'm also very thankful for my teacher Dharmadevi for providing resources, teaching and further empowerments for Reiki I,II,III as I walk along my Reiki path. She is a beautiful soul dedicated to the path of Reiki and Ananda Yoga.

And last but must certainly not least I offer thanks for my teachers Paula Michal-Johnson,PHd (Care Alternative), Dora Martinez-Armonstrong, RN, and Linda Baker,MD for laying a most beautiful foundation in my soul for a path of service in the heart of Reiki and for my Third (Master) Degree of both Usui Shiki Ryoho and Raku Kei Reiki system of natural healing.

Yes, I awoke this morning with a deep since of gratitude for the path and journey of my life. And through smiles and tears and smiles again I wanted to make sure I commit to writing for all to see my public thanking of those who have touched my life in so many beautiful, interesting and most unexpected ways.

On my path of service in the heart of Reiki!

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  1. Oh most Radiant Tamu...I am so thankful to have had part in your path with Reiki...I am so glad to hear from you and pleased that your journey has brought you so much light and happiness.
    Blessed be