06 December 2007

Just Where You Are

Ever think about things you wanna do? Wish you could do?
If only.... or when you...(fill in the blanks)

Whether it is two day, tomorrow, or here, there or on the moon
the only place you can start is with you....

So why wait? Why dream? You know the old saying... Just do it?

It is never too late, too early to start with you!

So dare to activate your wildest

Open your eyes and see the synchronicity all around you....

Open your eyes to see the opportunities, the connections, the network
you have available.

When you welcome just one opportunity with a grateful heart I guarantee
you that more will follow.

The path of your life is yours alone....and its all laid out before you
if only you would trust you would see the door or the step
at a time.

And...if you fall or stumble, don't worry... rest a bit and get back up....
we are here to support you

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